Plac Kwiatowy Katowice, courtesy of Katowice

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Getting Around in Katowice

WOMEX Venues and Map

Between the Airport and the City

Katowice City Bus Shuttle operates from Katowice Airport daily to Strefa Kultury (where WOMEX venues are located) and you can buy your ticket online here. There are also private minibuses operating from Katowice Airport – you can easily find them outside the Arrival Terminal.

Around Town

Public Transport

You can easily travel around Katowice and the surrounding cities with the KZK GOP transport network. A three zone system is used with Katowice located in Zone 1. A single ticket costs 3,20zł and is valid for 15 minutes once you enter the bus or tram – you can also change bus or tram on the way. Make sure you validate your ticket when you get on board!

There are plenty of buses and trams available at the roundabout next to the ICC. Check how to get around Katowice and travel from your hotel to the WOMEX venues here: www.kzkgop.com.pl.


There are several options for taxis in and around the city. The following companies have English language customer service:


All WOMEX venues share a common car park located in front of the main entrance of ICC on Olimpijska Street. The car park is free of charge for WOMEX delegates.

Janów-Nikiszowiec, Katowice, courtesy of Katowice

Eating & Drinking


  • Cadenza
    This exquisite restaurant located on the ground floor of NOSPR building serves fine dining fusion cuisine with a Polish twist.
    NOSPR, plac Wojciecha Kilara 1, 40-202 Katowice | www.cadenza.pl

  • Moodro / Moodro Café
    Moodro restaurant is located in the post-industrial building of the Silesian Museum and serves typical Silesian cuisine.
    Silesian Museum, Dobrowolskiego 1a, 40-205 Katowice | www.moodro.pl

  • Tatiana
    Silesian cuisine at its best, Tatiana serves the best beef roulade in the city.
    Staromiejska 5, 40-013 Katowice | www.restauracjatatiana.pl

  • Żurownia
    A charming yet quirky place serving the best of Silesian cuisine, including Silesian wraps!
    Ligonia 16, 40-001 Katowice | www.facebook.com/zurownia

  • Hipnoza
    If you are a big fan of casserole dishes, then Hipnoza is the place to go. Hipnoza is also a jazz club.
    plac Sejmu Śląskiego 2, 40-001 Katowice | www.jazzclub.pl

  • Drzwi Zwane Koniem
    A city centre café/bar serving homemade drinks, cocktails, and most importantly a selection of amazing sweet and savoury hot wafers!
    Warszawska 37, 40-010 Katowice | www.drzwizwanekoniem.pl

  • Kafej
    Coffee-lovers, this is definitely your place! Serving all kinds of coffees from dripped to brewed, Kafej will cater for all tastes.
    Chorzowska 5, 40-010 Katowice | www.facebook.com/kafejkawiarnia

  • Michalski
    The bread from Michalski bakery is famous all over Poland for its distinctive recipe and an amazing taste.
    3 Maja, 40-010 Katowice

Drinks, Music & More

  • Absurdalna
    Absurdalna serves Czech specialities such as fried cheese. They’re also known for craft beers and original drinks.
    Dworcowa 3, 40-012 Katowice | www.facebook.com/AbsurdalnaMultitap

  • Złoty Osioł
    The oldest vegetarian restaurant in the city designed by Jerzy Urbanowicz, a local painter famous for researching Buddhism.
    Mariacka 1, 40-001 Katowice | www.wegebar.com

  • Bujna
    A purely vegan restaurant, serving vegan hot dogs and wraps and situated directly across from the train station.
    Młyńska 17, 40-001 Katowice | www.facebook.com/bujna.restobar

  • Biała Małpa
    They offer over 300 different bottled beers from Poland and the region and has a view onto murals on Galeria Katowica, designed by Jan Raspazjan.
    3 Maja 38, 40-097 Katowice | www.bialamalpa.pl


  • Galeria Katowicka
    Designer brands, tech, clothes or jewelry, located at the Katowice train station.
    3 Maja 30, 40-097 Katowice | www.galeriakatowicka.eu

  • Rock’n’Roll
    Recommended music shop.
    Opolska 1 40-084 Katowice | www.rnr.pl

  • Riff
    Recommended music shop.
    Krasińskiego 5, 40-959 Katowice | www.riff.net.pl

  • Gryfnie
    Souvenirs and Silesian design.
    Andrzeja 8, 40-061 Katowice | www.gryfnie.com/sklep

  • Geszeft
    Souvenirs and Silesian design.
    Morcinka 23, 40-001 Katowice | www.geszeft.co

  • Biksa
    Design and bookshop.
    Plac Miarki 1, 40-035 Katowice | www.biksa.pl

  • Grocery shops
    buy your everyday groceries in many smaller shops across the city, including Społem, Żabka, Fresh, Biedronka and Carrefour Express.

Janów-Nikiszowiec, Katowice, courtesy of Katowice

Things to See and Do

Katowice is a unique city proud of its industrial heritage and a gateway to the Silesian metropolis. There are places that will literally take you underground (the Silesian Museum for example), lots of great modernist architecture, and cafes, restaurants and pubs throughout the city centre that will cater for all tastes.

Stroll along 3 Maja Street to admire astonishing 19th century architecture or take a quick trip to Nikiszowiec, originally a coal miner’s settlement with housing estates called familoks, which now comprise one of Poland’s official national historic monuments.

  • Cultural Zone
    The heart of modern Katowice is home to all the WOMEX venues: ICC, NOSPR, Spodek and Królestwo Club. Take note of our Twin Stage venue, Spodek – this flying saucerlooking building is one of the most recognisable features of Katowice! The ICC also features a rooftop park, so if you want to stretch your legs after a long day at the Trade Fair you’re more than welcome to do so!

  • Silesian Museum
    When approaching the building you will definitely notice the prominent mineshaft hoist tower of the former Katowice coal mine. This recently developed impressive museum features permanent exhibitions including a gallery of Polish and Silesian art. The stylish Moodro Café is also located in the building. Please note: WOMEX delegates receive 30% discount on entrance tickets!
    Dobrowolskiego 1, 40-205 Katowice | www.muzeumslaskie.pl

  • Nikiszowiec
    This early 1920s architectural industrial gem will definitely surprise many architecture lovers. Built for the coal mine workers, now Nikiszowiec will dazzle you with its red brick buildings, unique atmosphere, cosy cafes and shops.
    Plac Wyzwolenia, 40-423 Katowice

  • Rynek (Market Square)
    Located on the way from the train station to the Cultural Zone, following Aleja Korfantego Street, you will find Katowice’s market square – rynek in Polish. Don’t be surprised to see a small flowing river and palm trees – this recently developed market square offers more than meets the eye, including cool cafes and shops.
    40-001 Katowice

Plac Kwiatowy Katowice; Janów-Nikiszowiec, Katowice; Dolina Trzech Stawów, Katowice.


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