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Flamingo Cantina, 515 East 6th Street, Austin, Texas, USA | 17 March 2016

WOMEX once again returned to Austin, Texas, USA to present the annual WOMEX Night at the SXSW festival. 2016's WOMEX Night wwas held on Thursday, 17 March at the Flamingo Cantina. See below to find out the wonderful music that the 2016 WOMEX Night showcased.

The WOMEX Night is part of a bilateral, longterm partnership between WOMEX and SXSW, designed to open up new networking avenues to delegates of the two events. As Todd Puckhaber of SXSW states "I have been attending WOMEX for many years. The conference has proven to be an invaluable tool in shaping a stronger presence of global sounds at SXSW. It is the key networking opportunity for world music artists and professionals alike. I am pleased and honoured to have the WOMEX Showcase once again at SXSW."

If you'd like a full dose of global diversity in music, come to WOMEX 16 in Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain!

2016 Line-up:

Shaggydog, by Ardyan Bagas Marestu20:00 – Shaggydog (Indonesia)

Uptempo roots'n'reggae, Yogyakarta style.

Jambinai21:00 – Jambinai (South Korea)

South Korean traditions from a noise-metal point-of-view.

Elida Almeida, by Sousa Dias22:00 – Elida Almeida (Cabo Verde)

The beautiful and soaring voice of the young star of Cabo Verde.

Kalàscima, by Sandro Rizzo23:00 – Kalàscima (Italy)

'Psychedelic Trance Tarantella'.

A-Wa, by Tomer Yosef00:00 – A-Wa (Israel)

Yemenite electro-folk with a hip-hop attitude.

Systema Solar01:00 – Systema Solar (Colombia)

Taking Afro-Colombian roots and cumbia to the club.

Photos: Lo'Jo on stage at SXSW, by Alex Walter; Shaggydog, by Ardyan Bagas Marestu; Jambinai; Elida Almeida, by Sousa Dias; Kalàscima, by Sandro Rizzo; A-Wa, by Tomer Yosef; Systema Solar.


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