• 23-27 OCT 2019
  • Tampere, Finland

WOMEX 17 Network Meetings & offWOMEX Presentations

Below is the full list of the WOMEX 17 Network Meetings & offWOMEX Presentations, along with their main coordinator. Click through to their virtualWOMEX event page to find more information about each session.

Network MeetingCoordinated by
Women of the World 8th Annual Networking Meeting
Viva Alex! Celebration and inspiration hour in honor of Alex Nova
Allie Silver
Free Radical Productions
Do It Yourself together – an Unconference
Smart strategies from the DIY community
Joost Abbel
(The Netherlands)
Amsterdam Artist Collective
World Routes Network Meeting
Canada's national network of festivals and venues working in world music.
Derek Andrews
Global Cafe
Let's join forces - a forum for re:connecting EUROPE
Simone Orgel
Global Latinos 2.0: Old School and New School
Second Annual Womex Network Meeting
Catalina Maria Johnson
Beat Latino
IMMF Network MeetingIMMF
International Music Managers’ Forum
WOMEX Education Network Meeting
Meeting place for all WOMEX delegates with an interest in music education
Daniel Somogyi
SoundStorm Music Education Agency
Fifth Annual Electronic Music Network Meeting, hosted by GCMN
Connecting club culture movers and shakers
Kosta Kostov
Global Club Music Network
Central & Eastern European Networking
What does WOMEX bring to the region?
András Lelkes
All Promoters Network Meeting
How to bring your festival or concert into public radio
Paul Bräuer
Piranha Arts AG
Music Export Offices Network Meeting
Get-together for national and regional music export offices and initiatives
Balázs Weyer
Cultural Sector Activism & Advocacy
Peer discussion of arts organizations' role & responsibilities
Aengus Finnan
Folk Alliance International
Charter of World Music Network Meeting
Debate on values in the world music community
Birgit Ellinghaus
Networking for the Classically-Inclined
A Network Meeting Powered by Classical:NEXT
Fabienne Krause
Piranha Arts AG
MUSICONNECT – Asia Network Meeting
Connecting and bringing together Asian-based music professionals
Kaushik Dutta
Song of Soul
North American Network Meeting
Connect with your fellow North Americans
Tristra Newyear Yeager


offWOMEX PresentationCoordinated by
Music Export in Poland – where are we?
The Results of Market Survey on export activity of Polish Music Industry
Marek Hojda
Society of Authors ZAiKS