WOMEX 17 Kato Connections

The WOMEX 17 Kato Connections stage will outline the musical diversity of our host city's national, regional and international links.

Nine artists will perform as part of this programme, representing three areas of Katowice connections: three artists representing Poland; three artists representing Poland's neighbours of Czech Republic, Germany and Slovakia; and three representing international cities of music of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network: Salvador, Ghent and Katowice itself.

The WOMEX 17 Showcase is comprised of the Official Selection, DJ Summit, Kato Connections and offWOMEX programmes,and the WOMEX Artist Award.


Banda, by Jakub Dvorák

Banda (Slovakia)

Acoustic and quirky takes on the traditional music of Slovakia and its neighbours.

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Photo by Jakub Dvorák


Hanba!, by Szymon Szczesniak

Hanba! (Poland)

Loud-shouting, banjo-thrashing, tub-thumping acoustipunk with songs of the Second Polish Republic.

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Photo by Szymon Szczesniak


Haz’art Trio, by Frank Schindelbeck

Haz’art Trio (Tunisia/Switzerland/Germany)

Arabic jazz that slinks and grooves between oud, double bass and drums.

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Photo by Frank Schindelbec


Maniucha & Ksawery, by Wojtek Rudzki

Maniucha & Ksawery (Poland)

An avant garde meeting of madcap jazz double-bassery and sweet Polish folk-song.

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Photo by Wojtek Rudzki


Marcin Wyrostek, by Nicholas Dominic Talvola

Marcin Wyrostek Band (Poland)

The award-winning Katowice-based musician presents accordion music from around the world with his seven-piece band.

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Photo by Nicholas Dominic Talvola


Marta Topferova, by Michaela Feuereislova

Marta Topferova & Milokraj (Czech Republic)

Czech songs and Latin styles performed by the dynamic singer and her all-star Eastern European ensemble.

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Photo by Michaela Feuereislova


Osama Abdulrasol, by Sofie Dewulf

Osama Abdulrasol Quintet (Iraq/Belgium)

Ghent-based quintet mixing Arabic and Western classical styles, led by the virtuoso qanun player.

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Photo by Sofie Dewulf


Trio Wozniak/Wachowiak/Kinaszewska

Trio Woźniak/Wachowiak/Kinaszewska aka WoWaKin (Poland)

Each from the different backgrounds of classical, jazz and theatre, the trio reflect the living folk dance traditions of central Europe.

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Viola de Arame, by María do Amaral

Viola de Arame (Brazil)

Reviving the traditional 10-stringed viola capira with a varied and contemporary repertoire.

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Photo by María do Amaral


The Kato Connections stage is supported by:

The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland, ImiT (Institution of Music and Dance), World Music from Slovakia, Czech Music Office, Arts and Theatre Institute and the UNESCO Creative Cities Network.



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