• 24-28 OCT 2018
  • Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

WOMEX 17 DJ Summit

With its sixth edition held at WOMEX 17, the WOMEX DJ Summit has become a drawcard for professionals and musicians seeking club sounds and electronic music from across the world.

Five electronic acts, curated by Guy Morley of No Nation and the WOMEX team, hit the decks in Katowice, Poland.

The WOMEX 17 Showcase was comprised of the Official Selection, DJ Summit, Kato Connections and offWOMEX programmes, and the WOMEX Artist Award.


Barda, by Mica Torres

Barda (Argentina)

Argentinian folk music developed strictly for the club.

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Photo by Mica Torres



Cero39 (Colombia)

Deep roots and deeper bass reflecting the everyday and extraordinary of Caribbean Colombia.

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DJ Jigüe, by Alejandra Glez

DJ Jigüe (Cuba)

The ‘Afrofuturistic Space Guajiro’ pioneers in both Cuban electronica and hip-hop.

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Photo by Alejandra Glez


Ibaaku, by JB Joire

Ibaaku (Senegal)

The always-moving experimental troubadour creates unique fusions of a million musics.

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Photo by JB Joire


The Busy Twist

The Busy Twist (UK)

Music from the midpoint between West Africa and Latin America boiled together in London clubs.

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