• 24-28 OCT 2018
  • Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

WOMEX 17 Official Showcase Selection

Below is the full list of WOMEX 17 Official Showcase artists.

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The WOMEX 17 Showcase was comprised of the Official Selection, DJ Summit, Kato Connections and offWOMEX programmes, and the WOMEX Artist Award.


Alireza Ghorbani, by Sife Elamine

Alireza Ghorbani (Iran)

The leading man of classical Persian dastgah brings the ancient style to the modern day with respect and open ears.

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Photo by Sife Elamine


Aux, by Seung Hwan Roh

Aux (South Korea)

Pansori voice-and-drums with a rock band energy and attitude.

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Photo by Seung Hwan Roh


Betsayda Machado, by Wladimir Marcano

Betsayda Machado + Parranda El Clavo (Venezuela)

Earthen-voiced singer shining the spotlight on the little-known Afro-Venezuelan tambor style.

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Photo by Wladimir Marcano


Bitori, by Joao Barbosa

Bitori feat. Chando Graciosa (Cabo Verde)

Two legends of funaná reunited after 20 years to lead the Lusafrican dance party.

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Photo by Joao Barbosa


Black Flower, by Kjell Gryspeert

Black Flower (Belgium)

Contemporary electrojazz dubs its way across Ethiopia and into space.

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Photo by Kjell Gryspeert


Carnatic Nomad – Jyotsna Srikanth, by Chethan Ram

Carnatic Nomad – Jyotsna Srikanth (India/UK)

Classical music from southern India, with violin, mridangam and ghatam.

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Photo by Chethan Ram


Dakh Daughters, by Igor Gaidai

Dakh Daughters (Ukraine)

Come into the weird cabaret of spoken word, burlesque, punk and traditional Eastern European melodies to revel in the unknown.

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Photo by Igor Gaidai


Dimitris Mystakidis, by Yannis Psathas

Dimitris Mystakidis (Greece)

Reviving the forgotten tsibiti guitar style and conjuring tales of migration past and present.

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Photo by Yannis Psathas


Elkin Robinson, by Fela Photography

Elkin Robinson (Colombia)

Sun-soaked calypso, mento and zouk from the new star of Caribbean Colombia.

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Photo by Fela Photography


Erlend Viken Trio, by Johannes Selvaag

Erlend Viken Trio (Norway/Sweden)

Travelling through old and young Scandinavian traditions in nu-folk improvisations.

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Photo by Johannes Selvaag


Gato Preto, by Alexander Wurm

Gato Preto (Mozambique/Ghana/Senegal/Germany)

Übercool pan-African bass and beats with feet in the past and eyes to the future.

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Photo by Alexander Wurm


Hot 8 Brass Band, by Melissa Fargo

Hot 8 Brass Band (USA)

Marching ever-onwards with the new generation of New Orleans brass bands.

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Photo by Melissa Fargo


Ifriqiyya Electrique, by Renaud de Foville

Ifriqiyya Electrique (Tunisia/France)

Post-industrial Banga ceremony for deep trance and ecstatic dance.

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Photo by Renaud de Foville


King Ayisoba, by Nick Heldermann

King Ayisoba (Ghana)

Traditional funk from the monarch of the kologo lute from northern Ghana.

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PhotoKing Ayisoba, by Nick Heldermann


La Dame Blanche, by Paula Islas

La Dame Blanche (Cuba/France)

A princess of Cuban music, La Dame Blanche makes her own blend of hip-hop and whatever else catches her ear.

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Photo by Paula Islas


Leyla McCalla, by Sarrah Danziger

Leyla McCalla (Haiti/USA)

Ex-Carolina Chocolate Drop explores her Haitian-American roots through folk music.

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Photo by Sarrah Danziger


Luciana Jury, by Alejandra López

Luciana Jury (Argentina)

Intense and intimate folk and tango laid bare in an expressive performance.

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Photo by Alejandra López


Maija Kauhanen, by Antti Kokkola

Maija Kauhanen (Finland)

One-woman band of kantele, percussion and vocals weaving evocative and emotional Finnish tales.

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Photo by Antti Kokkola


MAZ, by Melanie Kusznireckyj

Maz (Canada)

Instrumental Quebecois folk for the future, with electronics and jazz.

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Photo by Melanie Kusznireckyj


Meta Meta, by Fernando Eduardo

Meta Meta (Brazil)

Political and angry post-punk fuelled by the religions of jazz and Afro-Brazilian candomble.

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Photo by Fernando Eduardo


Night, by Bishwo Harsha Bajracharya

Night (Nepal)

Using traditional instruments from lutes to leaves to kickstart a Nepali folk revival.

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Photo by Bishwo Harsha Bajracharya


Orchestre Les Mangelepa, by Daniel Kossmann

Orchestre Les Mangelepa (Kenya/DR Congo)

Classic Swahili rumba from its golden age in the 1970s. Get ready to move your hips!

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Photo by Daniel Kossmann


Orlando Julius

Orlando Julius (Nigeria)

The saxman of Nigerian Afropop who is equally at home in disco, jazz or funk.

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Park Jiha, by Nah Seungyull

Park Jiha (South Korea)

Equal parts Korean folk, Western classical and cool jazz create a contemplative mix to fall in love with.

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Photo by Nah Seungyull


Pixvae, by Bertrand Gaudillière

Pixvae (France/Colombia)

Colombian roots’n’noise for headbangers and beard-strokers.

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Photo by Bertrand Gaudillière


Qwanqwa, by Vemund Brune-Hareide

Qwanqwa (Ethiopia)

A tradimodern approach to Ethiopian melodies, with a healthy dose of psychedelia thrown in.

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Photo by Vemund Brune-Hareide


Sonido Gallo Negro

Sonido Gallo Negro (Mexico)

Psychedelia meets chicha Amazonica without leaving Mexico City behind.

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Super Parquet

Super Parquet (France)

Drones and machines hallucinate an upside-down version of the French dance fête.

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Talisk (UK)

The concertina-fiddle-guitar trio that are the fast-rising exponents of Scottish traditional music.

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Valentin Clastrier/Steven Kamperman

Valentin Clastrier/Steven Kamperman (France/The Netherlands)

Unexpected and angular sounds of hurdy-gurdy and clarinet innovators.

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Vasilis Kostas & Layth Sidiq Duo, by Panagiotis Kordas

Vasilis Kostas & Layth Sidiq Duo (Greece/Jordan/USA)

A unique collaboration between Greek laouto and Arabic violin for an inter-Mediterranean classical-jazz.

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Photo by Panagiotis Kordas


Victoria Hanna

Victoria Hanna (Israel)

Avant-garde vocal experiments radically recontexualising orthodox Hebrew texts.

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Waldemar Bastos

Waldemar Bastos (Angola/Portugal)

The veteran master with his own heartbreaking style including fado and morna influences.

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