• 24-28 OCT 2018
  • Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

Stand out from the crowd

The WOMEX 16 Bags, by Paul Bräuer

WOMEX offers your organisation or company plenty of promotional opportunities available before, during and after WOMEX. Present your music, service or project and become visible to the global music community.

Find an overview of how to stand out from the crowd in this handy PDF brochure. To book your ad, please use our online booking form.

Email us or call +49 30 318 614-30 for more information and how to apply for on-site presentations.


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  • WOMEX Guide
    Containing vital information for all WOMEX delegates, including timetables, detailed artist and speaker information, contacts and more, the WOMEX Guide is the go-to book for the international world music industry - not just at WOMEX but all year round. Adverts inside the Guide and special positions for maximum visibility are available. Book an ad in the Guide here.

  • WOMEX Pocket Schedule
    Used to consult all Showcase and Conference schedules, the compact WOMEX Pocket Schedule is carried 24/7 by all delegates during WOMEX. A limited number of exclusive advertising spots are available, offering the ideal opportunity to get your feature noticed. Book an ad in the Pocket Schedule here.

  • Banners
    You can present your banner on womex.com at any time of year to bring your artist, company or event to the attention of the world. Book a web banner here.

  • WOMEX Bag Inserts
    The practical WOMEX Bag is given to every delegate upon arrival at WOMEX. Inserting your CD, DVD, flyer or magazine in the Bag is a great way to gain exposure and reach all WOMEX delegates. Book a bag insert here.


  • Exclusive Advertising
    Placing your brand or logo on the WOMEX Bag, Lanyard or Wristband will ensure that you capture the attention of all music professionals at WOMEX. Please contact us to discuss the details.




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Become part of the programme

WOMEX also offer bookable programme slots with which to promote your artists, company or ideas. These include:


offWOMEX Showcase

With limited Showcase slots available during any year's WOMEX, it is inevitable that there will be some artists who seek a further opportunity to present themselves as part of the WOMEX Nighttime Showcase Festival. For information on how you, your organisation or company might take part in the offWOMEX Showcase programme, please email us – the earlier, the better (Photo: offWOMEX 14 artist Abavuki, by Jacob Crawfurd).



offWOMEX Conference Presentation

If you would like to point the attention of the WOMEX delegates to your service or project, an offWOMEX as part of the WOMEX Daytime Conference. For information on how you, your organisation or company can apply for an offWOMEX presentation, please email us – the earlier, the better. (Photo: WOMEX 16 Conference, by Jacob Crawfurd).



Main photo: The WOMEX 16 Bags, by Piranha Arts.