WOMEX 10 Conference Speakers

Martin Agosti
Martin Agosti (Germany), Brand Booking

Berlin 1990 to present, founder of Brand Booking, a booking/branding corporate event agency. Organisation of events/tours for diverse brands such as Gauloises cookin’blue, Lucky Strike phatvibes, Puma football, and Coke DJ-culture. Affiliated with ZFK-Communication, priority on matching artists, brands and marketing strategy for optimal exposure and success.
Marc Bénaïche
Marc Bénaïche (France), Mondomix

Founder/Managing Director of Mondomix Media, the frst Internet-based medium dedicated to world music. He holds a post-graduate degree in Business and Cultural Afairs Administration, a doctorate in New Information and Cultural Afairs Administration, and a doctorate in New Information and Communication Technologies. Involved in creating the Training, Research and Media project with France’s National Audio-Visual Institute.
Stephan Benn
Stephan Benn (Germany), Benn & Wolff Attorneys

Stephan Benn was admitted to the bar in Cologne and has specialised in music, media, trademark and competition law. Since 1995 he has been involved in tour promotion, label, artist management and music publishing. He is a VUT board member and a legal advisor for Mediamusic. He runs a lectureship at the Institute for Music and Media (Robert Schumann University) in Düsseldorf.
François Bensignor
François Bensignor (France), IRMA/CIMT

Paris World Music Information Centre manager, long-time Mondomix contributor, directory editor and freelance music journalist. He directed the Larousse World Music Guide and has contributed to the Rough Guide to World Music. He is the author of a film on Papa Wemba and his biography of Fela Anikulapo Kuti will be published in 2010.
Pim Betist
Pim Betist (Netherlands), Africa Unsigned

Pim Betist, founder of Africa Unsigned, also created online label SellaBand, attracting music fans to invest and empower unsigned artists. More than 3 million US dollars were invested in unsigned talent and around 50 artists crowd-funded 50,000 US dollars to record and release their album. Pim was listed in Management Team as one of Holland’s top 25 creative business people.
Christiaan de Beukelaer
Christiaan de Beukelaer (Belgium), Catholic University Leuven

Christiaan de Beukelaer, born in Belgium 1986, holds a BA in Musicology (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands) and a MA in Cultural Studies (Catholic University Leuven, Belgium). He is currently affiliated to the University of Warwick as a PhD student. Additionally, he has performed throughout Europe and the USA as a world music DJ, and contributed radio shows to both De Concertzender in the Netherlands and Radio New York in the USA, he is acquainted with both academic and professional debates in regard to (world) music.
Hilde Bjorkum
Hilde Bjørkum (Norway), Førde Folk Music Festival

Hilde Bjørkum is founder and director of the Førde Folk Music Festival and also president of the European Forum of Worldwide Music Festivals (EFWMF). Førdefestivalen is one of the leading world music festivals in Scandinavia. Founded in 1990, it is known both for its high-quality programme, which combines music and solidarity, and for its definition of world music, which includes local, regional and national traditions of Norway.
Joe Boyd
Joe Boyd (USA/UK), Carthage Music

Joe Boyd has been a record producer since 1965. His Hannibal label released records by Toumani Diabate, Cubanismo, Taj Mahal, Kate & Anna McGarrigle, Richard & Linda Thompson, Muzsikas & Marta Sebestyen, Ivo Papasov, among others. His book on ‘60s music White Bicycles was published in 2006 in Britain and has been translated into French, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian and Dutch. He is currently writing a book on how Stalin invented world music and related subjects.
Alexandra Casazza
Photo by Mike Melnyk
Alexandra Casazza (USA), Trouble WorldWide

Alexandra Casazza spent 10 years with Sony, BMG and Warner Music, Brazil. In 1998 she moved to San Francisco, California, where she worked with Six Degrees Records and began planting the seeds for her own agency. Launched in 2006 at WOMEX, Trouble Worldwide is committed to representing fearless creativity and global citizenship by bringing phenomenal artists to worldwide audiences.
Rebecca Caughey
Rebecca Caughey (New Zealand), Funktion Music

Rebecca founded Funktion Music, her music management company, at the age of 19 while still at University.  Funktion grew out of a love for New Zealand music and started from the humble beginnings of organising jazz gigs. It has grown to include handling the world-wide management of local musicians Shapeshifter and Ladi6, both of whom have achieved substantial success at home and internationally. Rebecca is also a leading music industry publicist working with top New Zealand acts including Bic Runga, Dave Dobbyn and Brooke Fraser, and internationals like Public Enemy and Jimmy Barnes during their respective New Zealand tours.
Scott Cohen
Scott Cohen (UK), The Orchard

Scott Cohen is the co-founder of digital distribution pioneer The Orchard. As a well-recognised public speaker and lecturer, Scott travels the world evangelising new business models for the digital age. He is a visiting professor at the London Metropolitan University and sits on the BPI Council. Scott's music career started in the late 80s in independent and major label artist management.
Matthew Covey
Matthew Covey (USA), Tamizdat

Matthew Covey is the Executive Director of Tamizdat, a New York-based non-profit project devoted to encouraging cultural exchange. He oversees the organization's Visa Services programme, which provides affordable assistance to performing artists seeking legal US work visas. Prior to his role at Tamizdat, he was a European booking agent for Knitting Factory, he managed the Klezmatics, and was a professional musician.
Karima Daoudi
Karima Daoudi (USA), Journalist/Karima's Global Rotations

Karima has 4+ years of experience producing and hosting international music radio at WVKC Knox College. She is also involved in concert and festival co-ordinating with various Chicago institutions and dabbles in freelance music journalism. This year she was awarded a Fulbright-mtvU grant to carry out media-based ethnomusicology research in Senegal.
Nainita Desai
Nainita Desai (UK), Soundology

Nainita Desai is an award-winning media composer. She has worked with Peter Gabriel and numerous world artists at Real World Studios, as well as working as a sound designer on Hollywood feature films. Many of her projects have won or been nominated for numerous awards including Oscars and BAFTAs.
Mark Elliott
Mark Elliott (UK/China), JZ Festival

Originally from England he has lived and worked in Shanghai since 2002. In 2007 he joined JZ Club in Shanghai, China. The organisation that runs JZ Club produces an annual music festival, which became the largest most successful live music festival in Shanghai in 2009, its 5th edition.
Birgit Ellinghaus
Photo by Silvia Salingre
Birgit Ellinghaus (Germany), Alba Kultur

Artist manager, promotor, producer. She established her own company alba Kultur in 1990 and her label Heaven and Earth in 1999. Since then she has directed festivals, diverse global music projects, and produced more than 30 recordings, all released by her label. She is member of the board of the German UNESCO commission/ contact point "Cultural Diversity”.
Emem Ema
Photo by TY Bello
Emem Ema (Nigeria), ONE Management

A lawyer and an accomplished musician whose experience in the media and entertainment industry spans over a decade. She uses her knowledge as leverage to further her companies’ objectives, the cross-pollination of cultures through creative industries globally, and is a member of the music group Kush that was instrumental to raising standards in the Nigerian music industry.
Lars Farago
Lars Farago (Sweden), RFoD - The Swedish Folk Music and Dance Association

Lars Farago is director of RFoD – The Swedish Folk Music and Dance Association. He is engaged in widening the Swedish and Nordic music scene to further both international exchange programmes, and to enable musicians living in the Nordic countries to widen their market.
Michele Flannery
Michele Flannery (USA), YouTube Music

Michele Flannery is YouTube's Music Manager. She is responsible for building and managing the music community on YouTube by spotlighting exceptional musical talent, developing YouTube's music category for both unsigned talent and independent label artists along with community programmes to foster the creation of quality content.

Gary Fortune (New Zealand), New Zealand Music Commission

Gary Fortune has been managing the New Zealand Music Commission’s export programme Outward Sound since its inception in 2005. The New Zealand Music Commission is a government-funded agency committed to growing the New Zealand music business. The Outward Sound office undertakes projects and partnerships aimed at exporting New Zealand music and assisting music businesses in working internationally. Gary has logged over 25 years in the New Zealand Music Industry having held executive positions at Sony/BMG and Jive among others.
Jo Frost
Jo Frost (UK), Songlines

Jo Frost is editor of Songlines magazine, one of the most widely read and respected publications on world music which celebrated its tenth year anniversary in 2009. Jo has represented Songlines at industry events such as MIDEM, WOMEX and AWME (the Australasian World Music Expo), plus festivals in the UK and abroad, including the Ulsan World Music Festival in South Korea. She’s been a member of BBC Radio 3 Awards for World Music jury panel and in 2009 was one of WOMEX’s ‘Seven Samurai’.
Erik Gilbert
Erik Gilbert (USA), IODA

Erik Gilbert is the VP of Client Strategy at IODA. Prior to IODA, Erik started, built and managed three record labels: Asphodel, 75 Ark and Coup d'Etat. Erik is one of the founding members of A2IM, the US independent label trade body and serves on its music publishing committee.
Jo Glanville
Photo by 2-thumb
Jo Glanville (UK), Index on Censorship

Jo Glanville is editor of Index on Censorship, an award-winning quarterly publication dedicated to supporting freedom of speech and examining the politics that surround the issue. She is co-author of Free Speech is Not for Sale, part of the UK libel reform campaign. She was a BBC producer for eight years and contributes to a number of publications.
Oke Göttlich
Oke Göttlich (Germany), Finetunes

Oke Göttlich is founder and Managing Director of Finetunes, a leading digital distribution company for independent media content. He formed the company in 2003 while searching for an online distribution solution for his own label, Nonplace. As a journalist and editor he has worked for the German independent newspaper, taz, as well as several other publications.
Tanea Heke
Tanea Heke (New Zealand), Creative New Zealand

Tanea is Senior Adviser in the International Team at Creative New Zealand. The International Team works with the best New Zealand artists and arts organisations to take their work to an international audience. Tanea has a strong performing arts background and has worked in the arts, in various roles for the past 15 years. Creative NZ is working in partnership with the NZ Music Commission to bring the music from New Zealand and the Pacific to the world stage via WOMEX.
Chris Hunt
Chris Hunt (UK/Austria), International Music and Media Centre (IMZ)

Eminent filmmaker Chris Hunt has won many awards for his programmes about music from blues to classical, rumbira to p'ansori. He also runs classicaltv.com, the video website featuring on-demand streaming of many forms of music programming. He is President of the IMZ and a board member of the International Emmys.
Peter Hvalkof
Peter Hvalkof (Denmark), Roskilde Festival

Involved in the Roskilde Festival for decades; since the mid-90s, member of booking committee with special focus on overseas music, roots music, etc. Involved in several side- projects related to world music. Currently also in charge of booking at Global CPH – the world music venue in Copenhagen.
Dhruv Jagasiya
Dhruv Jagasiya (India), Media Offline/OML

Dhruv Jagasia's passion for the arts has seen him travel all over the world in his capacity as an actor and producer in over 40 different productions. He is considered one of India’s premier artist managers and manages two of India’s premier bands: Indian Ocean and the Midival Punditz.
Alan James
Alan James (UK), Hold Tight

Previously Head Of Contemporary Music at Arts Council England, in the past Alan has worked with WOMAD, the Drummers of Burundi, The Big Chill and The Smiths. Currently Director of Hold Tight Management working with Spiro, Imagined Village, and the Bays and Heritage Orchestra, he is also a trustee of EFDSS and chair of Stan's Café Theatre Company.
Peter Jenner
Peter Jenner (UK), Sincere Management/President Emeritus of the International Music Managers Forum

Peter Jenner is a legendary music manager and digital rights expert. Jenner was the original manager of Pink Floyd, later of Ian Dury and The Clash and currently manages Billy Bragg and Susheela Raman, amongst others. He has always been very involved in managers’ organisations, nationally and internationally and he sits on the Advisory Board of the FAC Featured Artists Coalition.
David Jones
Photo by Emile Holba
David Jones (UK), Serious

David Jones is a director of Serious and the London Jazz Festival. Serious is a creative producer of international music. Responsible for a wide range of concerts and special events, the company works with artists, venues and festivals in Britain and internationally. David has a particular interest in working with artists to develop events that explore international and cross-media ideas. He is currently developing the River of Music programme for the Olympic Games in London in 2012, and Central Asian work with the Aga Khan Music Initiative.
Silvia Jura Santangelo
Silvia Jura Santangelo (Austria), Globalista: no border media

Specialised in social and cultural content, the anthropologist is President of the IG World Music Austria, and Managing Director of Globalista, producing Brazilian artist Célia Mara. She worked as creative director in advertising companies, is an expert in independent music marketing and organises video-web 2.0 educational projects in Austria and Brazil.
Yoel Kenan
Yoel Kenan (South Africa), Africori

Yoel Kenan has over 20 years experience at senior executive level in the fields of A&R, marketing and business development at Universal, BMG and mp3.com. He is now the CEO of Africori, the first business-to-business sync licensing platform linking independent African artists with the film, advertising and gaming industries.
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Risto Kivelä
Risto Kivelä (Finland), Chair EU Expert Working Group on Culture & Mobility

Risto Kivelä, special government advisor in the Finnish Ministry of Culture and counsellor in the EU Representation. Committee on Cultural Affairs (CAC) 1995-2008. Author of several articles on cultural policy, and editor of a book on European integration and national cultural policy. Chaired the EU Expert Working Group on culture mobility 2008-2010.
Frank Klaffs
Frank Klaffs (Germany), Piranha Musik & IT

Frank Klaffs has gained practical experience in the music business over 20 years as copyright and label manager for Piranha Musik & IT in Berlin and Gee Street Records in London, as well as an independent music publicist for artists like Magnifico, Robert Wyatt,Staff Benda Bilili, Taj Mahal, The Klezmatics, Tinariwen and for WOMEX.
Malcolm Laws
Malcolm Laws (UK), Soundology

Malcolm Laws started as a session guitarist working with some of the UK's top artists, as well as touring the world working with the English Chamber Orchestra. With Nainita Desai, he has been writing for the media for the last 15 years with clients including the BBC, Channel 4, ITV, Sky and Discovery.
Sam Lee
Photo by Rick Morris Pushinski
Sam Lee (UK), The Magpie's Nest

Sam Lee is one of the UK’s most acclaimed folk singers but also a restless promoter of the art form. This is through his 2010 BBC awarded Magpie's Nest folk club, his work in helping revive the EFDSS English Folk Dance and Song Society, his teaching at Newcastle University and The Royal College of Music and his groundbreaking field work recording British Gypsy and traveller music and culture.
Lemez Lovas
Photo by Kim Jacobs
Lemez Lovas (UK), Hot Salt Beef Studios

Producer, curator, writer. Founder and band leader of award-winning Oi Va Voi (EMI/V2) for 10 years; songwriter with focus on English lyrics for international artists (Sony/EMI/Real World); DJ; composer for theatre, film and art installations. Fan of satire and political song-writing; is rumoured to have a secret fascination with musical theatre.
Brenna MacCrimmon
Photo by Necmi Aydin
Brenna MacCrimmon (Canada), GreenGoatMusic

Brenna MacCrimmon lived in Istanbul where, for five years she worked, recorded and studied with a diverse range of artists and musicians from traditional to experimental. Currently residing in Toronto she continues to travel and make music and is on the board of directors for the East European Folklife Center, www.eefc.org.
Michela Magas
Michela Magas (UK), Stromatolite Design Lab

Michela Magas is a designer with a passion for world music. She graduated from the Royal College of Art in London and over the past 15 years has consulted to a variety of international clients including Apple iTunes and Peter Gabriel's music companies.
Julien Mallet
Photo by Flavie Jeannin
Julien Mallet (France), Institute of Research for Development & French Ethnomusicology Society

Julien Mallet is an ethnomusicologist who holds a research post at the French Institute of Research for Development (IRD). He is President of the French Ethnomusicology Society. His book Tsapiky, une jeune musique de Madagascar on the youth music of Madagascar was awarded the "Coup de cur", the top award for world music given by Académie Charles Cros for 2009.
Benjamin MiNiMuM
Benjamin MiNiMuM (France), Mondomix

French song lyricist in the 1980s, Benjamin MiNiMuM is nowadays the Chief Editor of the French world music Mondomix web magazine which celebrated its frst decade last year. Since 2003 he has also been editor of the Mondomix bi-monthly print magazine. He also participates in the programming of various radio shows in France.
Martin Morales
Martin Morales (UK), M Central

Currently Managing Director at M Central. Martin’s unique experience has been gathered from managing international businesses at Disney, Apple’s iTunes, EMI and Union Square Music and also working at Outcaste Records and Tumi Music. He has launched brands like High School Musical and Futuro Flamenco and artists Miley Cyrus, Oi Va Voi, KT Tunstall, Novalima and the Jonas Brothers. uk.linkedin.com/in/martinallenmorales
Julian Noursi
Julian Noursi (Jordan), Distant Heat Festival

Julian Noursi, the creator of one of the world's top electronic dance music festivals, held at the heart of the Jordanian desert. She has been refining her skills despite of the cultural challenges and controversy surrounding the event industry. Her festival Distant Heat also boosted Jordan's tourism, especially as it calls for world peace. Noursi was awarded a scholarship by her Majesty Queen Rania to finish her MBA at IE Business School, and represented Jordan at The IYME International Young Music Entrepreneur Award by the British Council.
Eva Omagbemi
Eva Omagbemi (Sweden), Mix Music

Eva Omagbemi has a long experience in promoting and booking world culture and currently works as a promoter and booker of world music, dance and theatre. Between 2002-2005 Eva was the director of the world music venue Jeriko in Malmö, Sweden.
Juan Paz
Photo by Anna Stathaki
Juan Paz (UK), Music Ally/Aliado Digital

Juan is Director, Special Projects and Research at the London-based digital consultancy/think tank Music Ally, specialising in emergent music markets, new music business models and alternative music marketing. He is also the Editor of Aliado Digital, the leading Spanish-speaking blog about music industry news and the manager of the Latin Grammy nominated band "Superlitio".
Girish Raj
Girish Raj (India/USA), IDIGO/Kinetic Management

For nine years, Girish produced concert tours in India for artists such as the Rolling Stones, Roger Waters and Sting. Upon moving to the US in 2007, he formed Idigo to promote India's diverse musical talent in North America and is a partner in Kinetic Management.
Gordana Ristic
Gordana Ristic (Serbia), Generator

Born in 1974, in Vranje, Serbia, runs the local NGO Generator which deals with art and culture. Since 2001 Generator has organised many cultural events and music festivals in Vranje and the wider region, and implemented many projects that used art as a tool for young people.
Xavier Troussard
Henrik Rørdam (Denmark), Dacapo Records

Henrik Rørdam, Managing Director of the Danish national label Dacapo Records since 1993. Studied musicology at Aarhus University and has been in the classical music business for more than 20 years.
Ali Sachedina
Ali Sachedina (Canada/USA), Kinetic Management

Ali is a NY-based music attorney who advises award-winning artists/producers and media companies in the United States and India on all music related matters. In 2007 Ali founded Kinetic Management whose current/former management clients include Karsh Kale, Susheela Raman, Salim & Sulaiman, The Midival Punditz and Kailash Kher.
Bettina Schasse de Araujo
Bettina Schasse de Araujo (Germany), Piranha Musik & IT

Piranha Musik & IT General Director Bettina Schasse de Araujo holds a diploma in cultural and media management plus a Master in foreign language philology, sociology and American Studies. Before joining Piranha Bettina was active in international film production among others. Beside her Piranha work she teaches music industry mysteries at the Free University Berlin, the EBAM Music Academy Munich and others.
Christine Semba
Christine Semba (France), Zone Franche

Director of Zone Franche in Paris, a network gathering together over 200 world music structures in France and abroad. Zone Franche’s main objectives are to promote musical diversity through the support of the professionals involved in this field. Previously, Christine was a key member of the WOMEX team for many years and worked as an independent consultant and music curator.
Allie Silver
Allie Silver (USA), WNUR 89.3 FM/Chicago Dpt. of Cultural Affairs

Allie Silver has been the world music director, producer and one of the DJs of Continental Drift international music programme at WNUR 89.3 FM Evanston Chicago since 2005. She also works at the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs as the Summer Music Festival Coordinator, producing Chicago SummerDance and World Music Festival: Chicago.
Johannes Theurer
Johannes Theurer (Germany), Radio Multikulti

Radio journalist and project manager for EuropeanaConnect. Co-founded Radio Multikulti, World Music Charts Europe and the DISMARC music portal. He has extensive experience in EU-funded projects and as an organiser of events and conferences, consultant and networker.
Ahmet Ulug
Ahmet Ulug (Turkey), Pozitif/Doublemoon

Is a partner of Pozitif Productions, Istanbul, Turkey. Pozitif has been producing concerts and festivals since 1989. Doublemoon record label started in 1998 and the live music venue Babylon in 1999. Latest project is Radio Babylon, a web based radio serving the community of Babylon, as well as the faraway corners of the globe.
Rachel Unthank
Rachel Unthank (UK), The Unthanks

Rachel Unthank is a singer with the British crossover folk sensation The Unthanks. They are responsible for much of the current recognition that English traditional music has received amongst a worldwide audience. They tour internationally and are regularly featured on UK TV and radio as leading fgures in the new folk revival.
Dmitri Vietze
Dmitri Vietze (USA), Rock Paper Scissors

Dmitri "Crazy Pants" Vietze born 1971 in Nashville, Tennessee, runs Rock Paper Scissors, a US-based music publicity firm, and edits DubMC.com – a world music trade journal/blog. When the US empire falls next week, he would like to crash on your couch.
Ceri Wade
Ceri Wade (UK), ABM

Ceri has been working as an agent for Alan Bearman Music for the past 3 years. Her Artists include The Imagined Village, Lau, Karine Polwart, Jon Boden and The Remnant Kings. She also works freelance in Event Production mostly at UK festivals including Glastonbury, Beautiful Days, Larmer Tree and Boom Town Fair.
Tama Waipara
Tama Waipara (New Zealand), Musician

Tama Waipara is a ground-breaking singer/songwriter. The first Maori to graduate from the prestigious Manhattan School of Music, Tama signed as premier vocal artist to New York/German-based label ObliqSound, launching his debut album Triumph of Time at New York’s Central Park Summerstage in 2004. His sublime, unique songs are inspired by his native homeland of New Zealand, as well as a wealth of legendary vocalists, song stylists and balladeers including George Benson, Jimmy Scott, Kate Bush and Nina Simone. His music infuses cosmic jazz-funk, R&B, classical, and Samba resulting in a musical blueprint that knows no boundaries.
Hasse Walli
Hasse Walli (Finland), Musician

Jazz drummer Hasse Walli switched to lead guitar and became the first Finnish guitarist to play real improvisations on stage with Blues Section in 1967. A pioneer of world music in 1974 with Piirpauke, he later made 23 trips to Senegal, where he formed his famous Mbalax band Asamaan in 1988.
Carol Watfa
Carol Watfa (UK), Panther Music Agency

Carol Watfa has been in the music industry for over 21 years. Her Panther Music Agency books talent in the UK, Middle East, and North Africa, including Marcel Khalife, OrekaTx, and Terrakota. Watfa produced The Nile Festival, which was broadcast on BBC Radio 3. She has produced and sound-engineered at Momo, Annabel’s, and Chinawhite.