WOMEX 12 Showcase Festival: Who's Playing Which Day?

Time to start making schedules, arranging meetings, researching artists: planning how to make the most of your five days at WOMEX 12 Thessaloniki. To help with this we have created a day-by-day list of WOMEX 12 Showcases:

The WOMEX Daycases and Night Showcases will be taking place at Helexpo. The WOMEX Opening and the WOMEX Award Ceremony at Megaro. The DJ Summit at Kitchen Bar in the port of Thessaloniki. View the venues on our Google Map

Please note that tickets for the Showcase Festival only (from Thursday 18 to Saturday 20, October) will be available on the door, one hour before the Showcases begin and can also be purchased during the day at Helexpo (ask at the Reception desk for details). Tickets are already available at the Accounting Department of Helexpo, from 9:00-16:00 on weekdays. A ticket for one night costs 17 euros and a ticket for all three nights costs 40 euros.

Here is a day-by-day list of WOMEX 12 Showcases:

Wednesday, 17 October

WOMEX 12 Opening Concert (open to WOMEX delegates only):

My Sweet Canary Ensemble (Greece/Turkey/Israel) feat. Savina Yannatou & Primavera en Salonico (Greece) and Apsilies (Greece); Aftershow by DJ Hot Like Peppa (Greece)

Thursday, 18 October

Official Selection - Daycases (open to WOMEX delegates only):
  • Groupa (Sweden)
  • Yom & Wang Li (France/China)
Official Selection - Night Showcases:
  • Anibal Velasquez y su Conjunto (Colombia)
  • Axel Krygier (Argentina/France)
  • Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino (Italy)
  • Félix Lajkó (Serbia)
  • Jaron Freeman-Fox & The Opposite of Everything (Canada)
  • Le Sahel (Senegal)
  • Raza Khan (India)
  • The Touré-Raichel Collective (Israel/Mali)
  • Toni Kitanovski & Cherkezi Orchestra (FYR Macedonia)
Club Globalkan:
  • Divanhana (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • Martha Mavroidi Trio (Greece)
  • Shutka Roma Rap (FYR Macedonia)
offWOMEX: Nordic Club:
  • Fatma Zidan (Egypt/Denmark)
  • Niko Valkeapää (Norway)
  • Tsuumi Sound System (Finland)

Friday, 19 October

Official Selection - Daycases (open to WOMEX delegates only):
  • Khyam Allami (Iraq/UK)
  • Zé Luis (Cape Verde)
Official Selection - Night Showcases:
  • Anthony Joseph & The Spasm Band (Trinidad/UK)
  • Canalón de Timbiquí (Colombia)
  • Eva Ayllón (Peru)
  • Lindigo (La Réunion)
  • Mohsen Sharifian/The Lian Band (Iran)
  • Red Baraat (USA)
  • Ricardo Herz Trio (Brazil)
  • Sam Lee (UK)
  • Terakaft (Mali)
Club Globalkan:
  • Babis Papadopoulos (Greece)
  • Café Aman Istanbul (Turkey)
  • Locomondo (Greece)
offWOMEX: Puglia Sounds Night:
  • Antonio Castrignanò (Italy)
  • Mama Marjas (Italy)
  • Mascarimirì (Italy)
DJ Summit:
  • Cayetano (Greece)
  • DJ Spery (Greece
  • Killo Killo (Serbia)

Saturday, 20 October

Official Selection - Daycases (open to WOMEX delegates only):
  • Gochag Askarov (Azerbaijan)
  • Janusz Prusinowski Trio (Poland)
Official Selection - Night Showcases:
  • DakhaBrakha (Ukraine)
  • Geomungo Factory (South Korea)
  • Hysni (Niko) Zela & Albanian Iso-Polyphonic Choir (Albania)
  • Jungle by Night (The Netherlands)
  • Lenacay (Spain)
  • Mexican Institute of Sound (Mexico)
  • Michalis Tzouganakis (Greece)
  • Mokoomba (Zimbabwe)
  • Nancy Vieira (Cape Verde/Portugal)
Club Globalkan:
  • Boban and Marko Markovic Orchestra (Serbia)
  • Gevende (Turkey)
  • Kottarashky & The Rain Dogs (Bulgaria)
offWOMEX: Minas Gerais Night:
  • Graveola e o lixo polifônico (Brazil)
  • Makely Ka (Brazil)
  • Thiago Delegado (Brazil)
DJ Summit:
  • A Tribe Called Red (Canada)
  • Gypsy Box (Mexico/Spain)
  • Hugo Mendez & Frankie Francis (Sofrito) (UK/France)

Sunday, 21 October

WOMEX 12 Award Ceremony (open to WOMEX delegates only):
  • Award Ceremony Showcase: Värttinä (Finland)
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