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The Spark to Evolution

Daytime Schedule: online / download (pdf)

WOMEX 12 Conference
About the Conference

WOMEX 11 Conference
WOMEX 11 Conference

WOMEX 12 Conference

Peers and special guests from all sectors of the music industry are sharing their know-how to help you advance your ambitions – from basics to backgrounds, from live to recorded, and from roots to visions. A huge thank you goes to our brilliant Samurai, Nadia El-Imam (Sweden) and Lemez Lovas (UK), who curated the compelling Conference programme.
The Conference will include the following sessions:

View the Networking Meetings & Presentations

About the Conference

"THE place to connect with the world music market's movers and shakers."
Tom Chauncey (USA), Partisan Arts

Seminars, mentoring, matchmaking, speed-dating
- keep up with changes, trends and innovations. Colleagues and special guests offer can't-miss sessions that help delegates navigate the uncharted waters of the music industry.

"WOMEX is the best way I know to meet, year after year, people from all over the World, with whom I share the love of music and the desire to exchange, with passion, our experiences and our projects."
Ourida Yaker (France), Director, Tour'n'Sol Prod.

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