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The 7 Samurai

The Showcase Samurai
The Conference Samurai

Many thanks to all of the 7 Samurai for their hard work and dedication in putting together this yearís rich programme: 5 Jury members focused on selecting the Showcase artists, while the other 2 members collaborated on the Conference Sessions.

Film proposals are independently juried by the IMZ International Music + Media Centre, Vienna.

The Showcase Samurai

Oliver Belopeta (FYR Macedonia)
In the seventies and eighties, Oliver Belopeta from Skopje worked as a music journalist and radio announcer. Later he owned and managed a cultural institution that organises two festivals, Skopje Jazz Festival and the world music-oriented OFF-fest. He is currently a member of the Board of the Directors of two organisations, European Jazz Network and European Forum Of Worldwide Music Festivals.

Oliver Belopeta

Maarten Rovers (The Netherlands)
Maarten Rovers is the artistic director at RASA in Utrecht (NL). He is the (co)initiator of many international tours and festivals and worked as consultant to the Holland Festival of Early Music, the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, the Dutch Fund for Performing Arts, the Prince Claus Fund and the European Commission. In the '90s Maarten was European manager of the New York Knitting Factory agency and record label.

Maarten Rovers

Ilka Schlockermann (Germany/UK)
Ilka has over 15 years music experience, working at labels, in management (JJC, D'banj), as a researcher for radio, a website editor, and since 2006 a freelance PR for Real World, Analog Africa, Out Here, Glitterhouse, Six Degrees, Piranha and many more. Media campaigns include Bassekou Kouyate, Vieux Farka Touré, Roberto Fonseca, and a BBC Radio 3 World Routes compilation. Ilka is particularly interested in contemporary African and Caribbean music.
On Twitter: @ilkamedia

Ilka Schlockermann

Allie Silver (USA/Argentina)
Currently based in Buenos Aires, Allie manages ZZK Records, a groundbreaking label reviving Latin American folkloric traditions through an electronic pulse. Starting in radio in 2005 at WNUR FM in Chicago, she’s been on the air from Israel to Norway as an international music broadcaster and tastemaker. Allie has worked at the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs producing Chicago SummerDance and World Music Festival:Chicago, in addition to hosting the festival’s live radio broadcast series for the past 4 years. As an invited speaker in Latin America and Europe, Allie is active in promoting female networking in the industry as co-founder of “Women of the World”, in addition to being a voice for the next generation of world music.

Allie Silver

Nikos Stefanidis (Greece)
In 1991 Nikos Stefanidis founded the "MYLOS Cultural Center in Thessaloniki" with four venues, radio stations, a record label, galleries, and a monthly magazine, which he was in charge of until 2003. Since then he has founded the Principal Club theatre, Gaia Live club, Gaia Festival (1998) – the first world music festival in Greece –, and other business activities in tourism & art. Over the last 20 years he has organised thousands of concerts as a local promoter in Thessaloniki.

Nikos Stefanidis

The Conference Samurai

Nadia El-Imam (Sweden)
Nadia EL-Imam  is a User Experience Designer and activist in the creative technology space. She develops web strategies and designs online environments for government, non-profit and corporate clients. She earned hardcore design and business development skills from doing commercial work for high end clients as well as for small tech start ups. Nadia is currently Creative Director of Edgeryders, at the Social Cohesion Research and Early Warning division of the Council of Europe.
On Twitter: @ladyniasan

Nadia El-Imam

Lemez Lovas (UK)
Artist, music producer & curator; best known for writing and producing for international artists (Oi Va Voi, Sevara, Alec Kopyt), festival programming (Barbican, Dash Arabic), and socio-cultural research (Freemuse, BBC Radio 2). Studied literature at Oxford University, music at Gnessin Institute, Moscow, and ethnomusicology at SOAS, London. Loves languages. And herring.
Lemez Lovas

The WOMEX Jury was first invented for the 5th WOMEX edition in 1999. Jury members so far: 1999 - 2011. Please check our archive for further information.

Adlington, Jenny (UK) - Arjouni Bourelly, Khadija (Morocco/Germany) - Baldursson, Sigtryggur (Iceland)- Benaïche, Marc (France) - Benigar, Bogdan (Slovenia) - Benoist, Yorrick (France) - Boyd, Joe (USA/UK) - Bragin, Bill (USA) - Carfi, Pietro (Italy) - Cesarini, Giuliana (Italy/Spain) - Cottica, Alberto (Italy) - da Cruz Mota, Rui (Portugal) - Da Silva, José (Cape Verde/France) - De Kloet, Co (The Netherlands) - den Boer, Jaenneke (The Netherlands) - de Oliveira Pinto, Tiago (Brazil/Germany) - Diamé, Julia (Germany) - Dominguez, Manuel (Spain) - Doruzka, Petr (Czech Republic) - Duran, Lucy (UK) - Frost, Jo (UK)- Gay, Francis (France/Germany) - Gillett, Jody (UK) - Gorjaczkowska, Hanna (Belgium) - Granieri, Rosanna (Canada/France) - Greenhill, Matt (USA) - Guaita, Ariane (France/Germany) - Heurtebis, Gaëlle (France) - Hvalkof, Peter (Denmark) - Ilmonen, Kristiina (Finland) - James, Alan (UK) - Jukkara, Jaana-Maria (Finland) - Jurkota, Melita (Croatia) - King, Penny (UK) - King Miranda, Cristina (USA/Mexico)- Lemke, Uli (Germany) - Lopez, José Miguel (Spain) - López, Lara (Spain) - Lucker, Katja (Germany) - Mahmoud, Yusuf (UK/Zanzibar) - Maier, Tobias (Germany)- Martinez, Herminia (Spain) - Melguizo, Pedro (Spain) - Minimum Benjamin (France) - Moraes Pires, Paulo André (Brazil) - Morales, Martin (Peru/UK) - Morgan, Andy (UK) - Mousset, Christian (France) - Nawaz, Aki (Pakistan/UK) - Odenthal, Johannes (Germany) - Orlove, Michael (USA) - Pacheco, Mario (Spain) - Pannke, Peter (Germany) - Pavlakis, Katerina (Greece/UK) - Paz, Juan (Colombia/UK) - Puértolas, Francesc (Spain/Germany) - Ray, Rita (Ghana/UK) - Rigby, Ros (UK) - DJ Ritu (India/UK) - Rovers, Maarten (The Netherlands) - Sandahl, Sten (Sweden) - Santini, Titti (Italy) - Sarr, Dudu (Senegal/UK) - Schrempf, Simone (Germany) - Seligman, Gerald (USA) - Serres, Corinne (France) - Siegelwachs, Diego (Argentina/Germany) - Theurer, Johannes (Germany) - Thiange, Dominique (Belgium) - Troitsky, Artemi (Russia) - Trouillet, Jean (Germany) - Ulug, Ahmet (Turkey) - Urpi, Jordi (Spain) - Villafruela, Juan V. (Spain) - von Gaudecker, Marion (Germany) - Winter, Dennis (The Netherlands) - Winter, Michel (France/Belgium) - Wurr, Zazie (Germany/Spain)

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