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WOMEX Offspring & Projects
Specialist Consulting Worldwide

“UNESCO stands ready to continue the excellent cooperation with WOMEX in the creative domains.”
UNESCO Creative Cities Network

As the world’s foremost network of world music industry professionals, WOMEX receives numerous invitations each year to enhance, even create events for associations, arts councils and governmental and non-governmental initiatives. North and South America, Asia, Africa, Australia – in all parts of the world, local organisations are exploring ways to bring the WOMEX philosophy to their own marketplaces. This recognises WOMEX’s unique ability to help educate, forge partnerships, enhance networks – collaborate – and in so doing, help to create innovative approaches to this challenging phase of the music industry.

Here's further information on selected offspring & projects:

Porto Musical
ACP Festivals Network

What Can WOMEX Do for You?

Training, conferences, showcases, platforms, consultancy, networking initiatives, publications, feasibility studies, online activities... All this and more can be had in partnership with WOMEX – and all thanks to the vast, creative, capable network of professionals: you, the delegates.

Different time. Special projects need special dates. We’ll work with you to craft events, activities and projects to meet the needs of your organisation, market or region.

Different place.
Let us open new regional meeting points in the Global South and along the world music trade routes for every need. Asia, Africa, Central and South America, the Pacific – wherever you need...

Different topics. Have a special focus? Need additional seminars from our stock of music industry professionals? Need research undertaken or studies performed? We can organise it with you.

Different format. The WOMEX model is just one of many. From round tables to staged events, from conferences and showcases to research projects, from physical publications to online projects - together we’ll develop the right format.

Different approach. And we’ll do it in our usual, inimitable way... Multicultural, international, flexible and with expertise.

WOMEX is developing from event to institution, and our 'Special Projects Programme' is an integral part of this work in progress. If you want our assistance, please contact us at to begin the conversation.

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