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ACP Music Festivals Network
Connecting Festivals Globally


The ACP Africa-Caribbean-Pacific Music Festivals Network is a three-year project supported by the ACP-EU Support Programme to ACP Cultural Sectors.

It aims to help structure the local music professional networks, boost skills of music operators, favour mobility and exchanges within and between the ACP regions and EU, and improve the international visibility of ACP professionals.

The actions of the project are undertaken with the support of Zone Franche, WOMEX and the CFC Conseil Francophone de la Chanson.

After the initial meeting of all partners at WOMEX in 2009, the following year was dedicated to the exchange of competencies and expertise: at the first stage, each of the seven festival partners gathered information about the ‘state of the arts’ in its region. After identifying the local weaknesses and strengths, they organised specific workshops for national and inter-regional professionals.

2011 until early 2012 is focused on the creation or reinforcement of local networks. The festivals partners have organised professional meetings: the creation of a network specialised in urban music in Central Africa in Libreville, Gabon; the first edition of the Indian Ocean Music Market on Reunion Island; professional meetings gathering operators from East Africa; and networking meetings and trainings in Cape Verde for operators from the sub-region – the format of each event is shaped by the individual means and needs of the respective zone.

Zauti za Busara

   Sauti za Busara Festival, Zanzibar 2010 by Robin Batista

Project Leader:

Zone Franche - World Music Network (France)

EU Partners:
WOMEX (Germany)
CFC Conseil Francophone de la Chanson (Belgium)

ACP Partners: Fest’Napuan (Vanuatu) Gabao (Gabon); Kriol Jazz Festival (Cape Verde); Sagamusik (Burkina Faso); Sakifo (La Réunion) Sauti za Busara (Tanzania); Fondation pour le Développement des Alliance Françaises (Haïti)

ACP Supporters

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