"Hotel Albania Remix" - Opa Cupa

Opa Cupa
Hotel Albania Remix


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In "Hotel Albania Remix" Cesare Dell’Anna and the collective Dj of 11/8records, tested the electric music on the resonance balcan developing in this sense the second work of Opa Cupa "Hotel Albania". (11/8 Rec. 2005).

"Hotel Albania Remix" is not a remix, all the tracks are original and unpublished. The name of the work is only for propose the stylistic problem of the irregular melodies on moderate rhythms (you see Bjala Stala – rhythm ska in 7/8 "Hotel Albania" 2005) pushing its hosts goddesses jay to create, to rhythmic times electric uneven, contravening to all the stylistic constraints of the type (rhythmic always equal dance) and other times to adapt the rhythmic equal to the uneven melodies.