"Zina" - Zina



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ZinA represents a trip which guides us from the boundless space of the desert to the Salento plains, from a metropolitan atmosphere to Balkan magic… It is a project resulting from the gathering of Algerian and Apulian musicians: a fusion evoking gnawa traditional rhythms, jazz melodies, rap, reggae, dub sounds, and gipsy harmonies. Cesare Dell’Anna (founder of the bands “Opa Cupa”, “Tax Free” and “DD3”) created a musical “metissage” with the interaction of valuable musicians such as Don Rico from Sud Sound System, Stefano Valenzano, ex bass player from Paolo Achenza Trio, the trumpet player Riccardo Pittau who ventures upon a Sardinian/Algerian rap duet and launeddas solo, Daniele De Rossi – Science Force, the free style vocalist Amed Benbali, Mauro Tre to the piano, etc.

At the return of this trip, we will be certain that this experience, these traditions, these different places have a common root and can set up a new original musical alchemy.