Bengi Baglama Trio

Bengi Baglama Trio


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  • country:Turkey
  • style(s):Traditional, Turkish
  • label:not signed
  • type:Band
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal
  • artist posted by:OZ Productions

Line up

  • Erdem Simsek  (Baglama)
  • Okan Murat Oztürk (Baglama & Vocals)
  • Ozay Onal  (Baglama)


As Martin Stokes & Francesko Martinelli for The Rough Guide to World Music, Africa & Middle East put it: "though a simple instrument, the saz is capable of enormous variety". They also called Okan Murat Ozturk as "one of the leading players in Turkey today" in the article which continued:
"Ozturk also leads the best saz ensemble, the Bengi Trio. All have released excellent recordings."

Founded in 1988 by Okan Murat Ozturk, with the aim of encouraging the promotion of traditional Anatolian Music and its main instrument baglama.
Since it was formed, Bengi has preferred to give concerts at academic level at prestigious places, universities and concert halls.

The trio who recognizes the Anatolian music as the unseparable part of the Anatolian culture and baglama as a rooted instrument that sustains the sound of "antique ages", believes that Anatolian music has an important and different place among the world's traditional music.
Members of Bengi care about introducing sound systems, harmonical positions, metric and rhythmic elements, instruments, forms and kinds, repertoire and performance properties of Anatolian music with a variety of impressive examples.

Bengi does not only try to use sound, melody, tuning and playing elements of "baglama family" but also aims to develop these elements. The group has been the first alternative in developing the capacity of baglama's solo performance and polyphony besides the baglama's traditional performance style as an accompaniment to vocals.

Described as "modern acoustic instrumental folk group on the cutting edge of Anatolian sound" by Richard O. Nidel for The Basics, World Music, the Bengi Baglama Trio celebrated their 20th anniversary in 2008.