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Čači Vorba - Šatrika


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„Accomplished stuff, strong material and playing.” Andy Cronshaw, „fRoots”

3rd album by Polish band Čači Vorba that plays all East European traditional music with heart, spirit, knowledge, a Gypsy-sparkle and original, inventive arrangements gets noticed by "fRoots", "Songlines", "World Music Charts Europe" and "Transglobal World Music Charts"!

4 years after a successful release of „Tajno Biav” (Polish „Folk Fonograme of the Year 2011” and Songlines' „Tope of the World” mark), Polish band Čači Vorba comes back with a fresh new cd, transgressing beyond of what's usually defined in world-music as „Gypsy”, „Balkan” or „Carpathian”. You will hear them playing measured and furious, traditional and modern at the same time but always perfectly in balance.

"Šatrika" (adj. "wandering" in Gypsy language) is a colorful, multi-layered musical tale that spins stray from Eastern Europe, Balkans, through non anymore existing Gypsy district in Istanbul, where the cover cat had been photographed, to as far as India and Asian steppes. From a folk poetry full of magic, creation of a Polish Gypsy female poet „Papusza” to own lyrics written in many languages. From ethnic music, Roma swing, Romanian blues, Balkan pop and Mediterranean timbre to jazz, psychedelia and own sneaking-out to any definition ideas of band leaders: charismatic singer and violin player Maria Natanson and a multiinstumentalist and band's main arranger Piotr Majczyna. Maria Natanson’s warm, focused voice, her natural ease in singing in many languages, and the transparent, varied musical arrangements are what make this music so unique.

• World Music Charts Europe – #7 on Dec 2015

• Transglobal World Music Charts – #3 on Feb 2016

• Transglobal World Music Charts – 50 best albums of 2015

• „Mundofonias” - best of 2015

• „fRoots” albums' selection – Dec 2015

• German Record Critics' Award - nomination to the quarterly award in world-music category - Dec 2015

• Radio dla Ciebie – song „Amaro kheliben” scores #1 in radio charts. One of major local public radio stations in Poland, covering the capital city of Warsaw and a huge area of Central Poland

Maria Natanson – vocal, violin, kabak kemane || Rafał Gontarski – accordeon, backing vocals ||
Piotr Majczyna – bouzouki, mandola, guitar, backing vocals || Robert Brzozowski – double-bass, backing vocals || Sebastian Szebesta – percussion instr., backing vocals
guest: Bart Pałyga – sarangi, kemanche, rebab, throat singing
Production: Piotr Majczyna, Maria Natanson || Recording: Wojcek Czern, Rogalów Analogowy || Mix: Wojcek Czern Mastering: Bogdan Żywek || Executive producer: Till Schumann || ©+P Oriente Musik

Listen to the album:

Listen to new album’s fragments: http://hyperurl.co/Neica , http://hyperurl.co/AmaroKheliben , http://hyperurl.co/PreStepo

Promo video - “Šatrika”: