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  • country:Ukraine
  • style(s):East European, Folk
  • label:not signed
  • type:Band
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal, a cappella, percussion, string, dance orchestra, unplugged
  • artist submitted by:Čači Vorba / Meridian Art & Music

Line up

  • Bohdana Bonchuk (vocal, gordon)
  • Ivan Ohar  (double bass)
  • Lubomyr Ishchuk (drums, percussions, hurdy-gurdy, didgeridoo)
  • Mikhail Kachalov  (fiddle)
  • Oksana Pashyna-Hrynko (vocal, accordion)
  • Olena Yeremenko  (violin, vocal, viori cu goarna, muraharpa, mandoli)
  • Rost Tatomyr (bouzouki, vocal)

Burdon (“bour-don” - drone) is a folk band from Lviv, in the west of Ukraine. The young folk musicians formed the group in 2002 and have quickly developed their music-making to an impressive level and built up a rich repertoire of traditional tunes, rural ritual songs, old ballads and cheerful dances.

Burdon's repertoire is mostly based on traditional music from Ukraine, Hungary and Romania. Their music is based on age-old tunes in modern arrangements, which paint a vivid, dramatic world full of excitement, love, mystic and enchantment. Many of the songs are taken from the local tradition of unique ethnic groups who live around Ukrainian-Polish-Slovakian borders: Lemko, Boiko and Hutsul. Some are from other parts of mysterious Carpathian region, particularly from survived Hungarian minority Csángo living in Romanian region Moldva.

With all this multicultural mix Burdon creates its own unique sound with female vocals, fiddles, bouzouki, hurdy-gurdy, moraharpa, double bass and percussion. They played many festival concerts around Ukraine, Poland, Estonia, Hungary, Germany and Canada, where they have easily captured audiences.

* * *

The band was founded in 2002 in Lviv (Lwów, Lemberg), Western Ukraine with an aim to play music inspired by eastern european and carpathian folklore. We're using acoustic folk instruments for the best reproduction of atmosphere of old dances which didn't change through centuries. But our music is not a real authentic reflection, we play modern folklore. We don't invent any new tunes, we play old and often very famous ones, with our own arrangement and modern influences.

We've started from nordic folk music. Also the band is working upon european folk and old dance music. The range of our ethnic interests is not limited to a certain region only, so we play also Belgian, English, French & Italian tunes. And our latest interests includes traditional music of Carpathian region (Hungary, Moldavia and of course, Ukraine).

The band took part of the many festivals in Ukraine, Poland, Bielorus, Russia, Croatia, Hungary, Uzbekistan, Germany, Estonia, Belgium, Sweden, Finland and Canada.