Festival of Traditional and Avant-garde Music

  • event type: Festival
  • start date: 14 May 2016
  • end date: 18 May 2016
  • city/area: Lublin
  • venue:various locations
  • country: Poland
  • event submitted by: Čači Vorba / Meridian Art & Music

The Festival is an international event devoted to the idea of combining the archaic and the new in music. The mixture of two distinctive canons of aesthetics forms a completely unique listening experience where magic and beauty co-exist. The festival gives excellent contemporary music composers and the representatives of the avant-garde jazz an opportunity to meet traditional musicians and artists reconstructing old music. The offer of the Festival includes concerts and the premieres of music projects by recognized artists, as well as young and talented musicians and composers. Lublin-born Jerzy Kornowicz, the commissioner of the Festival, is himself a composer of contemporary music and the president of Polish Composers’ Union.


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