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Rua Joaquim Casimiro 19, 1º Dtº
1200-695 Lisboa


New portuguese music based on fado and traditional portuguese harmonies and rythmes. Lyrics by portuguese young poets.

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  • phone: +351 213 903 220
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  • WOMEX 2007

company description

a star is born
As God Is My Cleaning Lady: Crypto-Fado For Bohemian Pagan Popsters.
They can’t play their classical Fado guitars very well; they have a punky drummer and the Fado singer not only smiles pouts and shakes her hips, but actually seems to enjoy herself !
What’s become of this country? Are they mad? Reckless, certainly.
They call themselves A Naifa and what they’ve done is taken a massive, ice-crunching Waring Pro blender to all the sacred potions, fruits and flavours of Portuguese traditional music and poured out a vulgar, shameless, disrespectful and utterly delicious shambles of a Pop cocktail.
Heresy in old Lisbon?
I nearly choked on my 30-year-old aguardente velha, but then realized I was dancing merrily and had already spilt most of it anyway.
by Miguel Esteves Cardoso






  • A Naifa

    date:14 Nov 2007 - 14 Nov 2007

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