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Broadcast Australia-wide Monday-Friday inclusive “The Daily Planet” & “The Nightly Planet” are a complementary pair of highly diverse yet...

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Broadcast Australia-wide Monday-Friday inclusive “The Daily Planet” & “The Nightly Planet” are a complementary pair of highly diverse yet highly selective music programs. They are also broadcast internationally through Radio Australia. Audio-on-demand is also now available worldwide: the most recent seven days of shows are available at any one time. There is no "playlist" in the rotation sense - each program is a unique entity. We're not about hype, fads, fashions: the program simply tries to present in a friendly-but-fearless fashion very many different kinds of good music, and to present them intelligently. Mainstream pop “product”, muzak, “new age” twaddle, heavy metal, machine-music, mainstream western classical music we leave alone. In sum “real music by real people” is what we’re about; there’s no fear of “foreign” tongues, no shying away from anything longer than four minutes, no fear of something being quite quiet or quite loud and no discomfort about - for example – placing within the same program an Arabic lutenist, a Texan songster, an Italian improvising saxophonist, a fiddler from Clare, a singer from Mali, a bluegrass band, Ornette Coleman, and an Iranian hand-drummer.

For full details of all this & more, visit our website:

There you will see the most comprehensive playlists in cyberspace. They include both catalogue & contact details, so our listeners know where to go/what to do when a disc we play lacks Australian distribution (which is very often the case. Australians are among the world’s most prodigious users of the internet. Whilst it is often difficult for a specialist label to find an Australian distributor, it is not difficult to reach Australian music lovers - simply make sure you remember to have me on your mailing list!)

I also write reviews for the national magazine, "24 Hours".

"The Planet" has won Australia’s "National Music Program of the Year" award for each of the past three years {as voted by readers of "Rhythms" Magazine , and announced January 1999 ,January 2000 and January 2001}. At the second annual Australian World Music Awards {announced March 18, 2000} the show’s founder-producer Doug Spencer won the award for “Outstanding Contribution to World Music” {nominations came from an Australia-wide pool of industry professionals, with final voting by a select panel who had extensive knowledge of world music artists living and working in Australia}.

The ABC is Australia's national, non-commercial taxpayer-funded (meaning severely UNDER-funded) broadcaster. Within Australia "The Daily Planet" is heard on Radio National between 3 & 4pm each weekday and repeated between midnight and one am. “The Nightly Planet” is broadcast 11.15pm – midnight. . Radio National is the ABC's more "serious", more "adventurous" network - the one on which ideas are explored in depth.

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