Ági Herczku & Band

Line up

  • Ági Herczku (vocals)
  • Bence Pálházi (violin)
  • Födő Sándor Fodo (percussions, accordion, keyboard)
  • Márton Fekete (viola)
  • Máté Hegedűs (violin)
  • Nikola Parov (guitars, bouzouki, kaval, duduk, vocal)
  • Péter Molnár (double bass)

As the principal soloist with the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble, Ági Herczku's traditional music credentials are cast-iron, but the personality-laden singer is also an innovative folk-fusion pioneer, cheerfully merging Bulgarian, Turkish and other East European elements into a broad palette of Hungarian styles, expertly enabled by her virtuosic band. Her latest album, Bandázom, (which actually means something like “I'm with the band”), was produced by her partner, Bulgarian-born multi-instrumentalist, Nikola Parov, who adds guitars, bouzouki, kaval, kanun and fulsome bonhomie to the accomplished artistry being effortlessly displayed on fiddles, bass, accordion and percussion by the rest of the ensemble. Ági floats and dances and sings sublimely on top, extending an unrefusable invitation to immerse yourself in some of the finest and most entertaining modern traditional sounds from the heart of Eastern Europe.


Ági Herczku & Band


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