Adufmúsica, Lda.

Adufmusica produces and manages Portuguese Jazz and World Music bands. Main projects: ADUF; TIM TIM por TIM TUM; Carlos Barretto LOKOMOTIV; Monte Luna

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Adufmusica is going to be at Womex, from the 17th to the 21st of October. Our producer there, Felícia Silva, is taking with her four projects, with the intent to find international labels interested in our Portuguese music, and also agent/bookers/promoters/institutions/festivals that are searching for Portuguese bands to book for shows all around the globe.

ADUF - José Salgueiro (composition, drums, percussion) and José Peixoto (composition, guitar), special guest Maria Berasarte (vocals). The reinvention of a traditional instrument - Adufe - gave birth to the reinterpretation of the traditional portuguese music, and a powerfull mixture between new and old, traditional and contemporary, urban sounds and ethnic elements.
In 2013 ADUF is releasing a new EP with big surprises, including more international guests and a touch of electronic elements mingled with the portuguese roots and contemporary spirit of its music.

TIM TIM por TIM TUM - is composed by the musicians Alexandre Frazão, José Salgueiro, Marco Franco and Bruno Pedroso.
Four drummers in a rhythmical conversation… an improvised interaction between the musicians and their audience, where the proximity allows acknowledging the details of rhythm, but also, and unexpectedly, melody. But it doesn't end there, their shows promote mostly... a lot of fun in shared this experience, since everything able to produce sound, gets in this musical blender... even you!

Carlos Barretto LOKOMOTIV - Carlos Barretto (doublebass), Mário Delgado (guitar), José Salgueiro (drums/percussion)
LOKOMOTIV is an open and defying approach to a more improvised European and Fusion Jazz. Having celebrated, in 2011, 15 years of existence, with the release of a live DVD, they are one of the oldest and more prolific portuguese Jazz Trios. The starting point is a strong and pure mixture of traditional Portuguese rhythms with improvisation, reaching for rock elements and scented by African and Oriental flavors.
You must have a taste!

Monte Lunai - They are a group of five musicians that play music from all over the world, inspired in tradition, and embracing it with their very unique identity and sound. Monte Lunai lives for the stage, for the ball and for the dancing! They've been on the road for several years now, with amazing sucess, proven by the enthusiasm of their audience and for making everybody, even the ones with two left feet, dance! For that purpose they travel with and European Dances Teacher, who establishes the link between the music, the audience and the dancing.

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  • WOMEX 2012


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