"ADUF ao Vivo na Aldeia de Monsanto" - ADUF

ADUF ao Vivo na Aldeia de Monsanto
Label/Publisher: Adufmusica
ADUF live at Aldeia de Monsanto
  • artist:ADUF
  • featured artist:ADUF
  • region:Lisboa
  • release year:2011
  • style(s):Acoustic, World
  • country:Portugal
  • formats:CD (Compact Disc), DVD Video (Digital Versatile Disc),
  • record submitted by:Adufmúsica, Lda.
  • label:Adufmúsica, Lda.
  • publisher:Adufmúsica, Lda.
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This DVD was recorded live at Monsanto considered the "most Portuguese village of Portugal", dued to a partnership between Adufmusica and the Idanha-a-Nova's City Hall. The DVD is an ADUF live show but also a documentary about the village, region, its traditions and people, all taking place in the marvelous scenario of Monsanto. This release is a DVD+CD, the second of which contains some different themes, and is a complement to this very
scenographic show. Tradition and contemporary reinvention combined to offer high quality Portuguese authorial world music.

José Salgueiro | compositions, arrangements, drums and percussion;
José Peixoto | compositions, arrengements, guitar;
Maria Berasarte | Special guest, Vocals;
Ivo Costa, Paulo Charneca, João Correia, Carlos Miguel, Sebastian Scheriff | Percussion;
Alexandre Diniz | keyboards, accordion;
David Leão | Winds.