Will you still sing for me tomorrow

Promotion of local repertoires through digital media


Theodore Asprogerakas-Grivas refers to the uncertain future of local cultural and creative industries due to the absence of a pan-European legal frame and policies which would encourage and promote cultural diversity. New models of multi-territorial online licensing exhaustively limit the access to small repertoires with a grave impact on authors' income. Technological developments have revolutionised and democratised music creation and production process. How can Greek creators and performers face this ever-changing landscape where consumers' demands play an ever­decisive role? Antonis Plessas presents his views on the much needed transition to a new era where music business is more present, more ubiquitous, and more available than ever before. Stefanos Loukakos, on the other hand, presents his insights on how the Internet has changed the music industry and how Google's view for its future Google Greece, a new online music service, comes as a most promising opportunity for the Greek music market.