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C/o Lisa Ladberg, Hunnebergsvägen 24
167 43 Bromma

West African expression in an urban sound environment

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  • WOMEX 2013

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AFROTRONICS - West African expression in an urban sound environment.

Afrotronics is a fusion between West African music and electronica, exploring the boundaries between cultures and styles, tradition and modernity, electronics and acoustics. This multi-musical trio uses live electronics, synths and samplers along side acoustic and traditional instruments to place the West African expression in an urban sound environment. On stage, Afrotronics presents a powerful live act that fits in both large festival venues as well as small bustling nightclubs.

Afrotronics consists of lead singer Fanta Yayo, a "griot" and dancer from Guinea Conakry, Swedish percussionist and singer Lisa Ladberg and Robin Cochrane, a multi-instrumentalist from Sweden and Scotland. The group collaborates with technician Jonah Gold, specialized in the art of dubbing.

1. Lead vocal: Fanta Yayo, Guinea / Sweden
2. Acoustic Percussion, live electronics, ngoni and backing vocals: Lisa Ladberg, Sweden
3. Live electronics including electronic percussion: Robin Cochrane, Scotland / Sweden
4. Technician and dub-provider: Jonah Gold, Sweden

Afrotronics was founded in 2009 by Lisa Ladberg and Fanta Yayo. It was originally a constellation of six musicians but after a couple of years Lisa and Fanta decided to rearrange the group to half the personnel but double the musical output. From 2011 Robin Cochrane and Jonah Gold joined the group and until this day, these are the people that form Afrotronics. The remaking of Afrotronics had not only the effect that it became easier to tour, it also had a huge positive impact on the musical concept. Afrotronics is now a perfect balance between West African music and electronica. It’s a musical experience that leaves no one indifferent.


Available at Womex 13

• Afrotronics is funded by the Swedish Arts Council as well as the city and region of Stockholm.



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