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The Mystique Voice from Tunisia Worldmusic, Arabic Pop, Drum'n Bass
A lioness in an Assfah*!

CHIHA (meaning Vermouth, a healing plant) was born in the South of Tunisia. During her vocal studies she concentrated on Arabic-Andalousian as well as Berber traditions and the art of Nubat, which is a kind of singing only a very few people are proficient in. In 1968 the President of Tunisia Habib Burgeba gave her the name "Wafa Khaldia" (the eternal faith), and she become the main singer of the Royal Palace in Kartago. She performed countless tours, TV and radio broadcasts which introduced her to the public both in Tunisia and abroad.
In the sixties while still studying at the Tunis conservatory CHIHA attended a classical music concert of a German orchestra and was amazed by this music so unfamiliar to her. She immediately had the vision of blending European and Arabic music.
In 2000, not only her dream come true with United-One.records release of her first CD 'Oh Mami' (U1cd-2029), but also the main track became a radio and club hit around the Mediterranean area. This hit can be found on numerous compilations (amongst others with Chick Corea).
CHIHA second CD 'Mystic Bridges' (U1Cd-2044) fully connects with her previous album: a deliberate
blend of Arabian-Andalousian traditional sounds with today's Western dance music resulting in an out standing Oriental pop music album with Drum' n bass and House influence. 'Mystic Bridges' is a collaboration of Wolfgang Ohmer, Wando Freyburg and Matthias Trippner (drummer of Shank, orientation and producer of 'Oh Mami'). Wolfgang Ohmer, the mastermind of "Mystic Bridges", producer and guitarist, skilfully succeeded in fusing these two musics.
The voice of this oriental jewel and the tragic words with the themes of love and conflict of cultures are good based in the experimental program of Orient & Oxident and bring us in fantastic Arabic Trance.
Through frequent concerts, performances at various events and TV appearances (at the soccer word cup in 2006 and at the Berlinale Film festival's TEDDY Queer Film Award in 2007), CHIHA has made a name for herself, particularly in Germany.
With her songs - most of which she wrote and composed herself – CHIHA wants to express her thanks to all the people who supported her. Mutual understanding, respect and love of people means a lot to her and she makes it a theme of her songs. In her concerts she sings also lots of traditional songs of her North African culture.

Performances / concerts
As a singer of traditional classic Arabic 'Malouf' CHIHA toured with Tunisian National Orchestra in:
Algeria, Libya, France and Tunisia.
With her overwhelming voices and performance CHIHA can make an audience of more than 100.000 people dance.

2000 - 2007 in Europe:
After moving to Germany CHIHA performed in:
Berlin (Haus der Kulturen der Welt/ House of World Cultures)
Cologne (WDR / Cologne Broadcasting and TV Station)
Hamburg (Factory, Carnival of Cultures, Christ Church)
Frankfurt am Main, Saarbrücken (Municipal Cultural Festival)
Munich (Deutsches Theater), Karlsruhe (JUBEZ, Municipal Youth Meeting Point)
Stuttgart, Erfurt (Ancient Mill Festival), Freiburg im Breisgau
Constance (Lake Constance), Darmstadt, Hof, Neustadt (Palatine), Municipal Cultural Festival,
Nürnberg (Municipal Cultural Festival), Idar-Oberstein
And create 2006 a new group in Berlin with europoriental Pop

Carneval of Cultures, Farafina-Stage
WM: All Nations Boulevard at the soccer World Cup
WM: Faces – Peaceful Colours of Cultures, Berlin
Bergmannfestival - biggest Open Air-Jazz Festival in Germany
NUGUM AFRIKJA (Stars of Africa) with Gihad Gibreil, Sudan
BERLINALE Filmfestival, TEDDY Award Ceremony
Berlinale-Filmfestival, Teddy Award, presented by ARTE-TV
Shark Taranolari Festival, Uzbekistan

participating in

  • WOMEX 2007