Ot Azoj
Ot Azoj


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  • country:Netherlands
  • region:Northern Europe
  • style(s):Balkan, Klezmer
  • label:Chamsa Records
  • type:Band
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal
  • artist submitted by:Akoestische Muziek

Line up

  • Caspar Terra (Clarinet)
  • Joris van Beek (Violin, Double Bass)
  • Karin Kranenborg (Saxophone)
  • Nicolaas Duin (Accordion)
  • Radek Fedyk (Tuba, Trumpet)
  • Ulas Aksunger (Percussion, Vocals)


Ot Azoj Klezmer Band plays an energetic yet subtle mix of klezmer and oriental music from Molvania. In vivid compositions they bring to live this land of feast and mud located somewhere between Greece and Russia. Klezmer traditions, Balkan beats, Turkish sounds and Gypsy scales are all mixed together to make a groovy blended klezmer.


The band has developed its own style and sound over the years: the audience often feels overwhelmed by the varied, energetic performance of the band, playing on acoustic instruments only. The six seasoned musicians from the Netherlands, Turkey and Poland have their roots in different kinds of music: from Klezmer to Latin and from Turkish to jazz. This results in a lot of fun playing together

Ot Azoj Klezmer Band has been a welcome act at stages large and small. They produced eight CDs and four theatre concerts: Klezmer fon Kishinev, ZETS, Klezmorim and Express Orient. Festival highlights are: Lowlands, Festival Mundial (NL), Dranouter (BE), Ahskenaz (CA), Klezfiesta (AR), Kazimiers (PL).