"Alchemy" - Al-Andaus, Tarik & Julia Banzi

Al-Andaus, Tarik & Julia Banzi
  • artist:Al-Andaus, Tarik & Julia Banzi
  • style(s):Andalus
  • country:Morocco
  • formats:CD (Compact Disc),
  • record posted by:Al-Andalus
  • label:Al-Andalus


Casidas, noubas, cantigas as living, breathing art forms. Al-
Andalus’s 'Alchemy' is the sound of the past and of the future.
Here, the Banzi's advance the oldest, continuous tradition of art
music, the extraordinary Andalusian heritage. Alchemy's sonic
genealogy draws from a rich array of root sources -- Arabic,
Castilian, Jewish, Romany and African to create a refreshing,
contemporary, contemplative music that unites the East & West.

Recorded in the Banzi's home in Tangier, Morocco 2005-6

"Unique, deeply moving music as familiar as an old friend, but
as fresh and invigorating as a Mediterranean breeze"