Noureddine Chekara

Noureddine Chekara
  • country:Morocco
  • region:North America
  • style(s):Andalus, Arabic
  • label:Al-Andalus
  • artist posted by:Al-Andalus


(violinist/singer) Famous throughout Morocco, the Chekara's are among the most faithful interpreters of Arab-Andalusian music. Through his musical collaborations with musicians such as Yehudi Menuhin, Michael Lyman & Enrique Morente, the famed Abdesadek Chekara ensemble has long received international recognition. In addition to his participation as the youngest member in the Chekara ensemble, Noureddine has been a professor of Andalusian music at the Tetuan Conservatory of Music since 1983. Besides the learning he received at home, Noureddine studied and indeed later joined the orchestras of with Mohammed L'arbi Temmsamani, Mohammed Harazam, Mohammed ben Aid, Haj `Abdelkrim Raïss, & Mohammed El Brihi. Tuly the giants of Moroccan Andalusian music!

Of equal importance is Noureddine's lifelong participation in the Sufi Zawia Al-Harraqiya, a religious brotherhood recognized as one of the most influential Sufi orders connected to Andalusian music traditions in Morocco. Sufism, like Buddhism, is a way of life. It develops an inner way to mystical union with God. Noureddine's unfailing participation as a musician in the Zawia which connects with God through Andalusian music has been a constant affirmation of music as something with profound implications. Spirituality fills Noureddine, transmitting a calm and tranquil search, reaching out to bring us closer to the divine.