Tarik Banzi
  • country:Morocco
  • style(s):Andalus, Arabic
  • label:KOCH Int'l, Al-Andal
  • artist posted by:Al-Andalus


Tarik Banzi (Al-Panzi) (oud, ney, percussion) was born to one of
the old Andalusian families (in Spanish) of Tetouan, Morocco
who trace their roots back to Al-Andalus. He grew up immersed
in the Andalusian tradition. Tarik later lived in Madrid, Spain
throughout the 80's & moved in Flamenco, Jazz, and Middle
Eastern music circles. Tarik formed the group Al-Fatihah with
Judeo-Spanish musicologist Dr. Javier Sanchez, which has been
recognized in Spain as the first group of Middle Eastern music.
At the same time Tarik was collaborating and recording with
flamenco masters such as Paco de Lucia, Manolo Sanlucar,
Enrique Morente, Jorge Pardo & Carlos Benavent where Tarik
introduced such mainstays into the flamenco sound as the
darbuka (clay or metal drum) and Udu (clay pot drum). In the
late 80's Tarik & Julia formed the group Amal together with
Maria Ahmed, Rasgui Boujemaa. Tarik & Rasgui's students Fain
Duenas and Vicente Molina later went on to form the group
Radio Tarifa. In addition to his musical leanings, Tarik is an
accomplished visual artist who completed his Doctoral studies in
Fine Arts at the Complutense University of Madrid, Spain (Ph.D
(a.b.d.). You can see some of his works on this website (here).
Tarik is the artistic director, co-founder, and composer of Al-