Rogério Charraz

Rogério Charraz

Line up

  • Rogério Charraz (Vocal and Guitar)

Rogério Charraz is back with the third album of originals. "Não Tenhas Medo do Escuro" is the name of his new work, composed of 11 songs written by himself, except with "Meu Amor Eterno", composed in partnership with pianist Júlio Resende, who also plays on the album. It is a very moving song, with a lyric written by Roger Charraz and dedicated to his mother. 

Besides Júlio Resende, "Não Tenhas Medo do Escuro" also has the honorable participations of the fado singer Katia Guerreiro, guitarist Marta Pereira da Costa and accordionist João Gentil. The brothers Buba and Eduardo Espinho and also Antonio Caixeiro complete the list of guest musicians, bringing the Alentejo to the song "Chuva" in Beirados. 

Among the authors of the lyrics highlights the journalist Fialho Gouveia, who signed five of the songs on the album. Joana Correia (Rogério Charraz wife debuts on writing songs with two lyrics), the novelist Filipa Martins, Maria Morgado and Rogério Perrolas wrote the lyrics for the remaining issues. 

"Who is fortunate to count on these collaborations can not be afraid of the dark," says Roger Charraz. 

From album to album, the musician has consolidated its audience, as recently proven by the success of crowdfunding campaign held in March. In just over a month, Rogério Charraz fans contributed more than seven thousand euros for recording "Não Tenhas Medo do Escuro".

After more than a decade working on joint projects, Rogerio Charraz published in 2012 his first album in his own name: "A Chave" (The Key). 

And it was the key that opened the public's recognition of the port and its peers. Six themes in series and soap operas (Father of Five - RTP, Winter Sun - SIC and Crazy Love - TVI), official album Antena 1 and the special participation of Rui Veloso, José Mário Branco, Ricardo Carriço, Ana Laíns and Fernando Tordo. 

The bar was high, but "Espelho", his second work of original published in 2014, was up to expectations. Again album Antena 1 and present in soap operas, the album returned to rely on very special duets with Rui Pregal da Cunha (Herois do Mar), Luanda Cozetti, Sensi, Miguel Calhaz and Dany Silva. 

The magazine Blitz gives it 4 stars. 

Along the way he collects special moments like the prize Ary do Santos (Festival Cantar Abril, Almada), participation in the album "Em Busca das Montanhas," Fausto Bordalo Dias, participation in the song of the 80th anniversary of the Public Radio and participation in the new version of "Ser Benfiquista", anthem of Sport Lisboa e Benfica, on the occasion of the 111th anniversary of the club. 

In 2016 guitarist Marta Pereira da Costa includes the theme meeting on his debut album. Comprising Rogério Charraz, the theme with the participation of legendary bassist Jazz Cameroonian Richard Bona! 

Along the way he stepped on the stages from north to south of the country, including São Jorge (Lisboa), CC Olga Cadaval (Sintra), Rivoli (Porto), Casino Estoril ou Casino da Figueira.