"Zazal" - Egschiglen

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    Heaven & Earth
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    Heaven & Earth

Magnificant lucidity –« Zazal » is the fruit of years of research and travel between the conservatory of Ulaan Baatar, capital of Mongolia, and Rötenbach a. d. Pegnitz, Small village in Germany. This CD is a walk through the labyrinth of vocal acrobatics : the diphonic khöömii – the epic singing khailakh, or the melodic duulakh. Their compositions and orchestrations reflect a fluent transformation of their native songs into magnificant contemporary music.

" Egschiglen's original music is born of a balance of steadfastness and movement, of tradition and modernism, of sound and time. One hears the wind blowing through the lightness and quietness of endless grasslands in each jubilatory performance." (Charles Natsagdorj)

"...folk music at it’s best" (Jazzzeit / AUS)




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