"Lost in Ecstasy" - Galata Mevlevi and Sema Ensemble

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    Galata Mevlevi and Sema Ensemble
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    • Classical
    • Sufi
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    • CD (Compact Disc)
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    Heaven & Earth
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    Heaven & Earth

Extraordinary selection of mystical pieces and a full length "Sema" liturgy composed by Sultan Selim 3rd (13th century), performed live by a 16 musician-orchestra under the direction of Al Sheik Nail Kesova.
More than 600 years the brotherhood of the Mevlevi determined the spiritual life in the ottoman empire. Already the founder of the brotherhood Mevlana Celaleddin-i Rumi developped complex liturgic music, performed by the members on special occations, for moral and spiritual pleasure. The brotherhood was formed during centuries in the todays exitisting way: the whirling dance and the "Sema" liturgy became the important aspect in the life of all Mevlevi members and the world's famous symbol for oriental mystizism. The ritual is musically formed out of vocal and instrumental musics and signifies the man's spiritual journey to heaven.

"...The recording, the music and the spirituality perceptible on this album are of great quality. This CD should have it`s place in every assorted discography." (Trad Magzine / F)


Galata Mevlevi and Sema Ensemble


Lost in Ecstasy

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