Mariana Sadovska

Mariana Sadovska
Mariana Sadovska & Borderland
Mariana Sadovska & Borderland
Mariana Sadovska
Mariana Sadovska


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  • country:Ukraine
  • style(s):East European, Vocal
  • label:not signed
  • type:Band, Solo, Composer/Songwriter
  • gender:female
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal
  • artist submitted by:Alba Kultur


Mariana Sadovska bringing Ukrainian tradition into new musical territory. In her furious programmes the singer, actress and composer crosses all borders: archaic midsummer night invocations, wedding songs and emigrant chants from remote villages in rural Ukraine get a singular turn and transmute into contemporary sound, from folk until avantgarde. Creating her own innovative compositions and arrangements in dialogue with ancient traditions, Mariana Sadovska approaches each piece with a fresh and uniquely personal vision.


1. Ukrainian Callings

Ukrainian Callings is a powerfull fusion of singing and storytelling about ancient and rural Ukraine. By organizing ethno-musical expeditions, she has collected a large body of traditional songs, stories and rituals which she transforms into her own specific sound for today's generation.

"I do not sing songs I found in books. Each song I sing was given to me by a specific woman. I heard the story of the song, learned the way it should be sung, and understood that a song can be the map which leads you to your life."

2. Odessa Underground

Mariana Sadovska performs an exceptional cabaret-concert of "city-folklore", a night journey through underground bar-sounds of the pre-World War II Odessa, Berlin and Paris. Drawing upon songs from the repertoires of colorful singer-poets such as Arkady Severny, Dina Verni, and Alexander Vertinsky, Odessa Underground offers a striking reflection on a tumultuous period in history that bears a haunting resemblance to to our times.

3. Chernobyl - a Pegan Requiem composed by Mariana Sadovska for Kronos Quartet (USA)

Chernobyl' is a composition for one voice and string quartet, based on ancient-ceremonial music of norhtern Ukraine and contemporary sound scales. In this "pegan requiem" Mariana is using the nuclear catastrophy of Chernobyl' as a starting point to experiment with distruction and creation of musical structures and stories. The world premiere is planed for 2013 with the San Francisco based Kronos Quartet.

4. Mariana Sadovska & Borderland

Borderland, a collaborative project uniting Mariana Sadovska and talented jazz musicians from Cologne, Germany. Sadovska infuses Ukrainian traditional melodies and rhythms with a magic of her own, a modern-day metaphysics rooted in urban experience, theater, and a cosmopolitan lens. Expressive singing and experimental sounds merge into furious interpretations of archaic tellings.

In the German-Indian pianist Jarry Singla she found a partner who draws the inspiration for his work from many and diverse roots. The ensemble is completed by double-bassist Sebastian Gramms and percussionist Peter Kahlenborn, two versatile and inspired musicians who learned their craft across all schools of contemporary improvisational music. Structures of European jazz meet elements from the art music of various non-European musical cultures. In the quartet's arrangements, this jigsaw puzzle flows together to create a colourful sound spectrum and expressive ballads about yearning, hope and an unrestrained courage to live.