Mariana Sadovska


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Singer, composer, actress, born in Lviv, Ukraine, Mariana Sadovska now lives in Cologne, Germany, and works throughout Europe and the USA performing, directing workshops, participating in theatre projects, composing incidental music. Her work in music and theater has always been inspired by indigenous cultures. Her aspiration ist to bridge the gap between ancient, traditional sounds and the contemporary.
After graduating at the Ludkevycz music school, Lviv, she began her work in 1991 with Les Kurbas Theater, Lviv, in Anatolyi Vasiliev’s Festivals in St. Petersburg and Moscow. Invitation to join Theater Gardzienice where she worked for 10 years (actor and music director). During that time, she took part in several festivals and expeditions, exploring indigenous music and cultures, amongst others to Japan, Brazil, Egypt, Great Britain and the USA.
In working with the musicians of her Cologne-based band „Borderland“ she found a medium for her furious interpretations of traditional songs and singings from Ukraine.

participating in

  • WOMEX 2011