Sazet e Përmetit - Saz-Iso Polyphony and Instrumentals from Albania

Sazet e Përmetit
Sazet e Përmetit
  • date:02 Oct 2019 - 18 Oct 2019
  • area:Germany
  • style(s):Balkan, Albanian Iso-Polyphony
  • status:published tour
  • continents:Europe / Russia
  • tour submitted by:Alba Kultur

Confirmed Dates

02.10.2019 Düsseldorf
07.10.2019 Bocholt
08.10.2019 Gütersloh
09.10.2019 Köln
10.10.2019 Wuppertal
11.10.2019 Detmold
15.10.2019 Hamm
18.10.2019 Gelsenkirchen

Offered Dates

October 2019


Iso-polyphony is a vocal style in southwest Albania. He has been recognized since 2008 as an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO on the international representative list. In Albania, this vocal style is cultivated mainly in the southern regions Toskeria and Labëria.
The ensemble Sazet e Përmetit for many years one of the best ensembles iso-polyphonic tradition, which translate the vocals to instruments. The musicians are all living in the small town in southern Albania Përmet.
Sazet e Përmetit has released several CDs in Albania in order to preserve the great vocal tradition and the rich repertoire of their region and documented. These include songs about important social rituals such as weddings, funerals, harvest festivals, religious celebrations and local folk songs, which are sung iso-polyphonic: there are songs from Gjirokastra, which are sung in the local popular folk festival. The Borrohite is a dirge, sung by shepherds and Bejte a humorous piece of simple verses, known throughout Albania.
During international tours in the Balkans and in Holland the ensemble has thrilled the audience with virtuosic interplay of instruments and impressive iso-polyphonic singing.