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This enterprise was established in Mexico, more than twenty years ago. Its main objective has always been to diffuse, promote and distribute the...

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company description

Established in Mexico, more than twenty years ago. Its main objective has always been to diffuse, promote and distribute the creative sources of different Mexican music genres: traditional music, fusion, contemporary music and jazz.

Founded originally as a record company, and expanded now as an agency, Alebrije has always been known for the support and production of pioneer works of artists from Mexico, Senegal, Cuba and Morocco, such as Héctor Infanzón, Gerardo Bátiz, Fernando Toussaint, Jaramar, Chuchumbé, Vieux Diop and Abdelmjid Moutana. These artists hold an important position in the music rankings at present. Alebrije is hence synonymous with the opportunity for musicians that are in search of a space, in order to show their talents and their creativity.

Alebrije also devotes itself to programming and producing concerts, jazz festivals, poetical-musical reunions, musical and literary gatherings and other “feasts” for the senses’ pleasure.

Represented by Alebrije, many groups have been present in several places around the world: Central Park Summer Stage, The Natural History Museum, Nuyorican Poets Café and the Madison Square Garden, in New York City; Expo Hannover 2004 and Hannover Die Brot Fabril, in Germany; Wereldfeest Utrecht, Amsterdam Munt Theater, Zwwolle Schouwburg Odeon and Amsterdam Kit Tropen Theater in the Netherlands; El Mercado de Música Viva de Vic and La Farinera del Clot de Barcelona, in Spain; El Festival de las Andalucías Atlánticas in Morocco; Chicago Old Town School, Julliard School of Music, Chicago Summer Dance, Los Angeles Ford Auditorium and Kennedy Center Millennia Stage, in the United States; ICA Folk Fest, London Sunfest, Winnipeg Folk Festival, Toronto Harbourfront Center, Mission Folk Music Festival, Vancouver Rogue Music Club, Calgary Folk Music Festival and Toronto Harbour Front, in Canada. Festival Internacional Cervantino, Festival del Centro Histórico and Cumbre Tajín, in Mexico.

In Alebrije Productions, the search for new proposals and the opportunities for their effective development is our main objective and constant interest.

Welcome to this trip throughout the musical imagination.



  • Review Global Rhythm

    published in the december 2006 issue of global... 25 Dec 2008 - written by Alejandro Colina, Alebrije from Mexico



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