los Misioneros

  • country:Mexico
  • region:North America
  • style(s):Latin, Traditional
  • artist submitted by:Alebrije

Los Misioneros, a hot family musical ensemble from Zacatecas state, not only sings about love; they also address social, political and economic issues, no hole barred. Bringing musical virtuosity to contemporary arrangements of norteño dance music, the group has already won acclaim all along Mexico's northern border. The music of Los Misioneros is actually a combination of norteño, or northern Mexican music, with the popular music of their home state in north-central Mexico.

Los Misioneros prove that young people no longer cringe at the thought of playing old-fashioned norteño music. They revel in the polkas, rancheras and corridos born in Northern Mexico and South Texas. Their audience – which spans generations – dance with abandon when Los Misioneros play accordion, bajo sexto, bass and drums.

The diatonic, button accordion, was originally considered a solo instrument. However, as the heart and soul of norteño music, the button accordion unites a region straddling the Rio Bravo border between Mexico and the United States. This instrument was brought to the area by German settlers in the 1880's. Some believe accordion music was popularized by the Germans and Bohemians working in the mining and brewing industries in northern Mexico over 100 years ago.