Review Global Rhythm

published in the
december 2006 issue of global rhythm.

Las Tres Orillas del Atl√°ntico
Producciones Alebrije

The Arab-Andalusian musical tradition, most
familiar in the form of flamenco, reflects
centuries of shared culture in Spain. But after
those waves washed up on Caribbean shores,
several mestizo descendants were also born in the
New World. This acoustic/electric quintet
incorporates the three styles in its
name--fandango (son jarocho from the Mexican
state of Veracruz), duende (flamenco) and taraf
(Arab/Gypsy music)--and does an exceptional job
of making the hybrid sound coherent. The
authentic instrumentation, especially Abdelmjid
Moutana's oud and Armando Montiel's assorted
percussion, helps a lot, as does the material.
"La Fiesta" is a nuevo flamenco convocation, "El
Puente" shadows the harmonies and rhythms of son
jarocho, and the moody "Encuentros" eventually
resolves into dramatic dance music. The liner
notes (in Spanish) discuss the importance of
zamra, a group celebration of body and spirit,
and that's exactly what this set delivers, if
only for a brief 38 minutes.


article submitted by:Alejandro Colina, Alebrije