Traditional Swedish music Pelle Björnlert Johan Hedin Erik Pekkari

Björnlert Hedin Pekkari
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They are well-known for playing the special kind of Swedish dance, “polska”, which was the highest fashion in the 1700s. What really makes this group unique is rhythmic intensity and the level on which they have their vivid and varied musical
understanding. Pelles melody playing on the fiddle, a sensitive accompaniment of Johans tenor nyckelharpa, an instrument with a sound like the baroque instrument viola da gamba. Eriks very personal zither accompaniment gives a special groove and support to the music. Another part of the trio repertoire is “gammaldans” – warious dances from the 1900th century. In this context, Eriks two-row accordion plays a central role.
Mr. Björnlert and Mr. Hedin also tour as a duo.

article submitted by:Susanne Ahlander, AM Agentur