Playng with Sarah Jane Morris at "Salina doc festival 2015" Sicily (Italy)
Naghtasyl festival 2016, Witten (Germany)
Ugo Calise festival award 2016
Mia Martini Award 2016
Fest Med 2016 Award for best unpublished song


This song is ispired to "Tammurriata", a very old kind of folk music played and danced all around the volcano "Vesuvio"(Naples, italy).
  • 1 Nun cagnà maie
  • 2 Muntagna 'e 'stu core
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  • country:Italy
  • region:Napoli
  • style(s):Jazz, World
  • label:not signed
  • type:Band
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:percussion, string, singer songwriter, jazz combo, piano, guitar
  • artist submitted by:Ammendola, Emanuele

Line up

  • Alberto Santaniello (guitar, voice)
  • Emanuele Ammendola (Doublebass, voice)
  • Emiliano Barrella (drums)
  • Luigi Esposito (Piano, accordeon)
  • Pasquale Benincasa (Percussion)


Hello everybody,

let me introduce myself:

I am Emanuele Ammendola, from Somma Vesuviana, in the province of Neaples.

I play double bass and sing.

It is months I've been working to the release of my new album "MIGRA’"and I am looking for a label or simply a booking, management for my project and my new album.

The album is a concept album on one of the most debated topics at the moment: the condition of migrants seen through the eyes of the different characters in the songs.
It is Mediterranean pop, acustic, ispired to jazz and folk music of my place, Vesuvius(Naples).
8 tracks, seven songs of which are sung in Neapolitan dialect and an instrumental piece.

The album,even before its release, has positioned itself among the:

- semifinalist at the national competition " Musicultura 2016";


- Award “Mia Martini 2016” for entire “Migrà” Album.

- Award “Fest Med 2016” for best unpublished song with “Nun Cagna Maie”(track n 2). This song is ispired to an ancient folk music played and danced on the slopes of Vesuvius, near Naples.

- Award “Ugo Calise Festival 2016” for best unpublished song with “Rosa ‘e miez a via”(Track n 5).

Actually I’m in semifinal at National award De Andrè 2016 with “Saglie” (track n 1) and also at final at Nano Festival 2016. You can look all about this awards at my event page in my womex profile.

Hear there is a link where you can hear entire Migrà album:


- moreover it has been appreciated by the German public and the Naghtasy festival@Witten (Germany).


At video session of my site you can look other video of my past productions:

emanueleammendola .com

I hope you can be interested on my project and we can start a collaboration for next year.

Thanks for your attention,

Emanuele Ammendola