Emanuele Ammendola

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  • Ammendola, Emanuele


Emanuele Ammendola
Emanuele Ammendola was born in Neaples and grew up in the ancient town of Somma Vesuviana situated at the foot of mount Vesuvius, the Volcano.
He took his degree in double bass at the Academy of Music “ San Pietro a Maiella”in Neaples.

While he was studying humanities he cultivated his passion for Pop music, singing jazz and worldmusic.
At the age of fifteen he started to study electric bass and jazz with Gianluigi Goglie; then he attended a two years course at the M.A.D. school in Neaples where he deepened Jazz harmony and ensemble music.

During his concert activities as bass player he started to study singing.

He has strong ties with his town which still preserves ancient traditions among which “The Tammuriata”, a form of popular country music that has nourished Emanuele since he was a child.
All the beauties, evils magic and contraddictions of a land dominated by the Vesuvius are harmoniously blended into his music.
Today he plays double bass and sings. His main characteristic as a musician and song writer is a synthesis of different music styles with a touch of personal and original interpretation.
He believes in team work and collaborates with misicians who give a creative human input to the artistic project.

In september will come out his new Album Migrà.
I have been living in Milan for three years, this experience unavoidably changed my way to write and certanly opened my points of view.
My new album Migrà born because of this new life and feelings I felt in these three years.

Migrà is story of a man living one of his oldest and important play, cross the border, cross the bound, just travel and move.

This album originates from a personal experience and slowly began my way to say thanks to all migrants that, comings in west to work onestly, never receive thanks.

It is a pop album with World and Jazz influences, with a mediterranean and acoustic sound.
Eight tracks, seven sang in Neapolitan lenguage and one instrumental piece.

Migrà won Mia Martini Award 2016, has been selected for semi-final at Musicultura 2016 and Premio De Andrè 2016/17 and NANO Festival 2016, Most of this competition are still running.

His first album “Dalla terra dei Fuochi”( From Fireland) came out in 2012 with R&Fusion Project ( Research and Fusion) for the Neapolitan label Fullheads, executive producer Gianfranco Portogallo. He started his career as a song writer with the band ( Pietro De Luca Basso, Marco Fiorenzano, Paolo Pironti, Luca Di Sieno); the output was an album( now in the Historical Archive of Neapolitan song) The same album was broadcasted on “Cantanapoli” with Federico Vacalebre; while the album “ Dalla Terra dei Fuochi”( from fireland) appared on Radio Rai.
In his multifaceted career Emanuele met a lot of different kinds of artists, opening their concerts or working together like:
Emir Kusturica& No Smoking Orchestra; Sarah Jane Morris; Franco Ricciardi; Alessandra Amoroso; Amor Fou; Maurizio Capone ( Bungt e Bangt); Francesco Di Bello, Antonio Corcione; Corrado Paonessa etc. He also performed in the theatre with artists like Agostino Ferrente ( Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio);Francesco Di Leva; Adriano Pantaleo; Angelo Belgiovine etc;.

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