Roma news speaks about Emanuele Ammendola's showcase

Migrà let you think about Migration

09/09/2016 at Roof Terrace of Tufarelli palace, center of Santa Chiara Boutique Hotel, there will be the showcase of “Migrà” by Emanuele Ammendola.

“Migrà” is Emanuele Ammendola's second album but the first with is name. He is a Neapolitan double bass and singer. He has been living in Milan for three years; this experience has unavoidably changed his way of writing and widened his horizons.

New album,Migrà, is the result of this new life and feelings I experienced in these three years.

This album originates from a personal experience and, in a certain sense, it is a way to say “thanks” to all migrants who, coming to the West to work honestly, never receive thanks.

It is a pop album with ethnic and jazz influences and with a Mediterranean and acustic sound. There are eight tracks, seven of which are sung in Neapolitan language and one instrumental piece.

The songs have been recorded during the process of creation, almost unconsciously; there has never been a real pre-production.

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