Line up

  • Jean Pablo (Contra-bacia)
  • João Lima (Portuguese Guitar)
  • Marta Miranda (Vocal)

OqueStrada “has created a unique and cosmopolitan swing inspired in the roots of the
Portuguese music that makes Portugal dance the world”. The description belongs to
the Nobel Prize Committee when introducing “the amazing OqueStrada” at the official
ceremony. This is the first Portuguese artist ever invited to perform at the unique
event together with artists such as Seal, Jamiroquai, Herbie Hancock, Esperanza
Spalding, Florence + The Machine, settling a turning point on the history of the
Portuguese music.
“AtlanticBeat Mad’in Portugal” is OqueStrada´s new album and it has already
fans all over Europe. An album with an Atlantic breeze that invites the listener to look
at Portugal as the balcony with the best view over Europe you could have. In
between the strength of the Atlantic beat and the weight of the so called Old Europe,
in between what we are and what we can become into, “AtlanticBeat Mad’in Portugal”
innovates, creating the concept of the hand / home made danceable song. In this
album, OqueStrada´s idea of “leaving to return” is stronger than ever, and it blinks an
eye to the immigrant we all have inside.




From the latest album "Atlantic Beat"From the latest album "Atlantic Beat"From the latest album "Atlantic Beat"


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Se esta Rua fosse minha


Café Solo


Sweet old country


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Oxalá te veja
Se esta Rua Fosse Minha

Live Concert in Lisbon

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