Paolo Angeli

S'Û - presentation new Solo Album


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  • event type:Concert
  • date:10 Feb 2015
  • time:20:00, 22:00
  • city/area:Barcelona
  • venue:Jamboree Jazz Club
  • country:Spain
  • style(s):Alternative, World Jazz
  • event submitted by:Angeli Manuche Productions Scp


S’Û is a hybrid music that tries to describe a self-referential, perched and anachronistic society that raises Walls of Water between the two shores of the Mediterranean.

Everything unfolds in Two Times, as in a 33 rpm vinyl. Inside it, there is the frenzy and the hope of the ship Vlora, the barbed wire and the cicadas that observe Melilla’s jumps and swims.In the memory of Crayons coexist, in an ideal Solid Color, the rock of my adolescence in via Baragge, the Mi and La of the Bosa fishermen, the fog in Bologna and its Free Radios, the Andalusian influences carried by the undertow to the feet of the mine Porto Flavia (dedicated to Paco de Lucia).

S’Û is something that is above, having to do with the layers of paints consumed by the passage of time of an old boat, with Mancina loading and unloading in the thousand ports from where all sea adventures begin.