Corsicana by Paolo Angeli, the new voice of Sardinia

Eighteen strings, small hammers, propellers, springs, separate outputs for each string and everyday objects form the basis of free improvisation. Paolo Angeli employs all of these elements to produce layered sounds on his modified ‘orchestra’ guitar. The result is an ever-changing portrait where – in real time – remnants can be found of ‘canto a chitarra’, Tasgia choirs, free jazz, punk noise, drum & bass and avant pop. A creative blend of tradition and innovation in a poetic discourse between melody and sound.

Guitarist Paolo Angeli hails from Sardinia, where a unique tradition of improvisation between singer and guitarist exists. The sound of the Sardinian guitar is poised between that of the folk guitar and the acoustic bass. Angeli has done extensive research into the possibilities of the instrument, and enhanced the original guitar with a tangled multiplicity of modifications. Angeli plays with both feet on six pedals, controlling small hammer elements giving rhythmic impulses to the individual strings. Angeli strums his instrument, but also plays it with a bow, combined with electronic devices. All with uncanny virtuosity.

article submitted by:Emanuela Porceddu, Angeli Manuche Productions Scp