Paolo Angeli & Dandarvaanchig Enkhjargal - Epi (Mongolia) New Album!

PAOLO ANGELI (prepared Sardinian guitar, voice)
and DANDARVAANCHIG ENKHJARGAL (morin khuur, singing khoomii) will record their first duet album on january 2015.

They propose an intense journey between the steppe of Dandarvaanchig Enkhjargal (Epi) and the sea of Paolo Angeli.
These two worlds and the love of the two artists for their respective traditions, with the desire to put them in relation, produces something unique, based on free improvised music.
In one side the morin khuur, ancient instrument and symbol of the Mongolian people (known to us as "violin horse") and singing khoomii of Epi, on the other side Sardinian prepared guitar and Angeli's dark vibrato of Gallura: traditions and contemporary sounds

article submitted by:Emanuela Porceddu, Angeli Manuche Productions Scp