Toko Telo: line-up for 2018

Following up on a highly acclaimed first album, this Malagasy supergroup interprets traditional musical styles – tsapiky, jihe, beko – with unequalled artistry.

D’Gary, guitar & voice
“A monster guitarist!” David Lindley
Madagascar’s most well known musician, D’Gary is admired worldwide for his soulful compositions and extraordinary, open-tuning playing style.

Monika Njava, voice & percussion
“The voice of Madagascar.” Banning Eyre, Afropop Worldwide
Acknowledged as the national diva of her country, Monika Njava deeply touches the hearts of her audience at every performance.

Joël Rabesolo, guitar, voice & percussion
“Startlingly unconventional.” Zeitschrift fur Kultur und Gesellschaft
The most celebrated guitarist of his generation in Madagascar, Joël Rabesolo interprets the island’s rich array of regional styles with sophistication and extraordinary imagination.

Booking at WOMEX

Awesome Company - stand 1-4, 13-20
Earth Beat - stand 64
Ma Case Prod - stand 188-190

article submitted by:Daniel Brandt, Anio Records