Enno Nuy

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  • WOMEX 2011

Enno Nuy is co-director of ANMARO Peforming Arts in Amsterdam NL. See www.anmaro.com

ANMARO is specialized in the exchange of European and non-western performing arts productions. With a stronger focus on Asia and Latin America. ANMARO's portfolio contains circa 17 productions from both continents.

ANMARO is active since 1985 and has ample expertise and experience in (co-)production of performing arts. Furthermore ANMARO acts as consultant and programmer for cultural events and festivals, as well as supplier for industries in launching campaigns.

Furthermore Enno Nuy is chairman of the EPPAX foundation in Amsterdam NL. EPPX will organize it's first EPPAX MEETING in March 2012. EPPAX is a pltform where performing arts, cultural entrepreneurs, agents, theatres and festivals can meet to have expert meetings, to find co-producers and to establish contacts with their colleagues from other continents.

For details see www.eppax.com

Enno Nuy

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